My personal social media “stats”.

During University I got into this extra special course that would teach me coding and super web-skills (to go alongside my academic BA degree). In this one difficult programming section we had to make an infographic using South African household statistics. It was awful, and possibly the worst part of my entire 3 year degree. But it’s ok, because it opened my eye to the beauty of infographics which even today I kinda love.

Wwhen I first graduated I had this dream of making a super cool infographic styled CV, so I signed up for this website called which can help you do that. I didn’t really like the automated infographics they provided (hence, my current CV is just a pdf) but I stumbled across them again today. It’s been a while.

I don’t usually like 3rd party apps logging into my social media profiles, especially my Facebook. But when a colleague sent this through to me, I really couldn’t stop myself from trying it out.

I thought it was pretty darn nifty. For all you twitter peeps, you can make your own little twitter character which they “accessorize” (I guess?) by your tweets!

I kinda made a “faceoff” between Greg and myself, because why the hell not? Notice how my lovely friend/colleague/desk-mate Darling Claire features between both of us? We laughed. Also, I really don’t understand this “gamer” profile. Or why Greg seems to be holding a basketball? Either way – fun to laugh and observe.

So if you want to be one of the cool kids you can make your own monster or twitter person onĀ