Thank god for spare car keys.

Let me set the record straight – I’m not an irresponsible person (why do I feel I’ve used this line to open a blog post before…). I don’t lose or leave things that are important to me, or important at all, lying around to get lost. Well, thankfully the item in question hasn’t been quite lost, but we’ll get there.

I arrived home yesterday a little later than usual. Had two heavy bags, one from each shoulder, juggling my cellphone, house keys and the little pouch I keep my car keys in. I keep my house and car keys separate, because my mechanic uncle said it’s bad for your ignition to have such a heavy weight of all your keys on it. Anyway. A friend of mine was in Cape Town for the day for work, and I wasn’t able to see her so I returned her call quickly that I missed while I was driving. I get into the flat, put down my stuff, finish chatting and continue with my evening.

Later on we were doing dishes, and I went to fetch the containers I’d had my lunch in that day. I remember it falling out of my bag while I was driving, and realised I must have left it in the car. Greg, the sweet human that he is, offered to go get it for me (keeping in mind, I don’t have a parking in our building, but 2 buildings down from us). I couldn’t find my pouch with my keys, so took out the spare key to my car which I keep in my wallet (a smart move on my dad’s part giving us these keys, as once a couple days before my wedding, my brother had taken the car to Suikerbossie and locked the keys inside by mistake. My dad quickly copied the key and made sure we keep it in our wallet for such situations).

Greg was so glad he went down to fetch it for me, for a number of reasons:

1. He decided to take the lift. We live on the 2nd floor, so while we sometimes take the lift up (lazy, ok, we know) we hardly ever take it down.

2. In the lift was a notice, going something along the lines of “I found a small purse with a virgin active card and what looks like a set of car keys” with her flat number.


I could even tell you EXACTLY what was in it (my car keys, earphones, gym card, a business card for Powers Motors and my blistex lip ice)

Unfortunately, the lady wasn’t home for some reason, even later in the evening (if you can still consider 10 o’clock at night “evening”). In my rush to get ready this morning, I didn’t have time to go upstairs to find her. But thank goodness for my spare key. Thank goodness my brother was silly enough to lock the keys in the car, resulting in a spare key. (as a side note, really thank goodness I hadn’t been dumb enough to leave my wallet in the car. Phew)

Truth is, it wouldn’t have been the biggst train smash. Greg and I would have made it work until I got my set back, as he works around the corner from me. But can you imagine the phone call to my dad if I’d lost the keys? No, I wouldn’t like to do that either.

Also, thank god for nice neighbours 🙂