8 Things Every Woman Should Have

Whenever I find cool “questionnaire” tag-type posts on blogs, I always plan to answer the questions myself yet just land up never getting round to it and a week later, I’ve forgotten. They remind me of that time when Facebook just started and we would bombard each other with “notes” of a similar nature. I’ve just been so busy settling into my new job that I haven’t found time to really sit and get anything together for my little space on the internet. Between lunch times that haven’t been lunch times, and early morning gym sessions resulting in being exhausted by 8pm… well, I think you get the idea (queue the granny comments).

Anyway – so Loren created this post, about “8 Things Every Woman Should Have” based on this article. So here’s my take. Read on.

1. A go-to drink
I hate to be boring, but mine’s water. Alcoholically, wine (any type really. OK, not merlot. But if it’ there I’ll drink it). I don’t actually drink fizzy drinks, and not for health reasons – I just well, haven’t (weird, I know. Sorry. Been this way all my life). Not never, I’ve had when I was younger by mistake. I don’t like the bubbles :/
2. A go-to Karaoke song
Or in my case – the wise choice to not ever try karaoke. Everybody wins!

3. A uniform
Due to my Jewishness, my “uniform” would be skirts and dresses and my beautiful headscarves. I like it this way 🙂

4. A hair-stylist you love
I’ll be honest. I fail miserably in this department. I used to just tag along to my mom’s hairdresser twice a year for a simple snip. Now because I cover my hair, I’m lucky if I get to a hairdresser twice a year. I also just don’t have one, now that I live elsewhere. So I just hop into a salon that doesn’t require bookings and ask them to simply layer it or whatever.

5. An Exercise Routine
I haven’t been great at this the last couple of months, but I’m back on track now! I go to gym in the mornings before work: weights, some cardio – and that’s me. Every day.

6. A hobby
I always used to be a creative soul. I really love to scrapbook, but I haven’t had time for that since I started working (or the patience to go and get photos developed. If I ha a printer this would be much easier.) I like to read, I like this little blogging space I have, I like to picnic (probably not considered a hobby), and I guess I like to bake – providing I get it right 😉

7. A best friend
I don’t believe in having 1 or 2 best friends. You need different friends for different times and purposes. I’m lucky so say I have a good number of strong friendships. I’m sad that a lot of them do not live nearby, but that doesn’t diminish anything. Oh, and I’ll always have Greg 😉

8. A healthy sense of self 
We’re all a work in progress, but in recent years (or months even, I’d say) I’ve really started to learn more about who I am, and I actually really like what I’ve discovered 🙂

So here is the list of 8 things every woman should have. What are your answers?


Back to High School Maths

Cosby = Cos B

I just saw this on Facebook and it reminded me of High School and all those hours I spent battling over trigonometry. Thankfully those days are over for me, though I feel this would have made my life a lot easier.

And if not easier – a whole lot more humourous.

The Closet.

This week at University is Pink Week, celebrating gay rights and sexual diversity. The plaza has been adorned with people wearing pink, the website has shifted from green (Green week) to pink, and in the center of the plaza stood a pink closet.

It makes obvious sense as to why a pink painted closet took center stage on the plaza, taking into account metaphor of coming “out” of said closet. I didn’t take a close look as I hustled to class, but on and inside it was various information, and people writing support for gay rights etc on the closet with markers provided. There have been much weirder things on campus plaza this year, such as a huge cut-out of an elephant which people wrote on too (I never caught on why).

But what made less sense, is seeing that someone set this closet on fire.

I saw it only as a status update yesterday by a friend of mine very involved in RainbowUCT and was a bit dampened. I didn’t expect to feel even more upset as I walked past a pile of rubbish bags the following (this) morning, and seeing remnants of the pink closet among them. The little shrine from yesterday became a memorial spot today. Surrounded by red and white candy-tape, what was left of the closet stood still in the middle of Jammie Plaza, proud for all to see.

I used to be friends with a lot more gay people about a year ago, and I just always found them nice people. I still don’t get why people find them so offensive. Maybe jocky boys think they’re going to hit on them from the moment their eyes meet. If thats not natural for any other person, I somehow doubt thats going to happen just because a person is gay.

In a small naive part at the back of my brain, its nice to think that the world has moved on from being intolerant and hateful, and become a place more accepting. Especially in a place like South Africa, ridden with our Apartheid past. Sadly though, I don’t think we’ve 100% gotten past that either. Its weird to me that someone could actually be so hateful towards a group of people that they would purposefully destroy something which represented them, their beliefs, and general diversity, tolerance and respect.

Talking to a friend of mine today, we wondered weather it could have perhaps been a prank played by some jocks out for a laugh. As awful as that thought may be, it softens the blow in a sense, when the other alternative is thinking that other human beings did this out of hate and intolerance.

And to think that UCT is only a microcosim of the larger world.

Change of <3

So this whole “deciding-on-a-topic-to-blog-about” part of this blog has really started to stress me out and give me sleepless nights. [Ok, thats a lie, anyone who knows me knows I have ZERO problems falling asleep – its called borderline narcolepsy :P]. See, as much as I love design, art, photoshop and the like I dont know how often I can post about it.

Also, I find that sticking to one topic all the time just kinda limits the things you can write about. And with the way my mind works (I have one of the lowest concentration spans for someone not officially diagnosed with ADHD) theres always something going through my head.

So to try link all of what I have to say up – today while driving home from varsity I heard the quote that I have added to the header of my blog.

“Of all the things I’ve ever lost, I miss my mind the most”

Now with my ADHD attention span and my inability to decide on a topic, this quote made me feel that its ok to not be able to decide! And that worse things can happen than writing about any of the things I encounter. I might write about movies, topics/discussions started in class or even just cool things I found on the internet to share with you all!

So bare with me til I get my next post up 🙂