Splash Life With Some (water)colour

Sometimes life gets old and drab. Same old, same old, every day. Day in, day out. You deff can’t say that in SA with the Soccer World Cup happening in TWO DAYS!!! Anyway, sometimes you need to splash your life with something new, with some colour. In this case, as I”m on holiday, 7 weeks can get quite long and boring. So the perfect way for me to entertain myself is to learn new Photoshop skills (as you’ve read about in the last few posts). Here I found a tut which helped turn pictures into awesome water colours splodged works of art 🙂 Its really a simple tutorial, the paint spoldges are a big file to download but once you have those you can make as many as you like. So follow the tut here at 10steps (http://10steps.sg/photoshop/creating-an-abstract-watercolor-wallpaper/)  — [sorry, my computer still freezes when I try link! :(]

The er… apple of my eye?

It always happens tat when you are meant to be doing some work, something more exciting comes along. In this case, my Media exam tomorrow which no-one knows how or what to study for it, so you can understand the frustration and attempts to give up trying to study. There are only so many boring readings you can do, and not having a clue what to expect because the papers and the course changes every year doesn’t help either.

Enter: the internet. My personal pleasure. And after some link-clicking I find another set of glorious photoshop tutorials waiting for me to try them. And so I did. The tutorial is directly followed as I didnt have the patience to search for or take my own photo of a fruit. And this was quite a nice one.

So taking a photo of my boyfriend, his face how now been implanted onto a pear. “The pear of my eye” doesn’t quite have the same ring as “apple”, eh?

Follow the tutorial here at PhotoshopStar, and put your face into a fruit. Or vegetable. Or something of the sort. Enjoy 🙂

my linking still isn’t working for some reason, so here it is too: