Remember Me

Ok, So theres a bit of Spanish on this image...

Now its been a while since I saw this movie and since it came out, and I’ve been meaning to write about it since but I decided to wait a while for the little hype there was to die down and for people to see the movie because it would have been really hard to write without giving away spoilers.

Its always nice to be pleasantly surprised by a movie. Especially since recently movies have just been average or “nice”. I find that this one gave a lot more than the viewer bargained for. I remember seeing the trailer (which as noted about in previous blogs, I love, and tells one a lot [sometimes too much] about a movie) and thinking “aw cute”. Thats what it seemed like – a simple little love story and hopefully not too mushy. I was a little skeptical with the casting of Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame, I’m just not a fan like all the millions of teenage girls around, who undoubtedly saw the movie only to see him.

The movie started and throughout it there was a slightly dark and somber tone that I noticed, which usually a love movie wouldn’t have. So I continued wondering how it tied up as piece by piece things added up slowly after the events of the beginning of the movie.

The reason for that somber tone is revealed at the end. And it was a really hard hitting ending. I never expected it and thats what was so impressive for me – a movie with an unpredictable ending, and something that isnt cliche or average for a change. It makes you really think about things: what you would do in those position. How people in that position may have felt. (I’m trying to to give much, if anything away here). And in a more general sense the value of life and relationships between people. Valuing time. And others.

I went to the cinema to see a light hearted movie to chill out, instead of a teenage romance I got a lot more out of it. A great surprise at the end. A great movie. I did find towards the end it got a bit slow and dragged, but a couple minutes later was when they hit you with the final punch.

I’m not sure if its still on circuit – its probably not. But I recommend downloading or viewing online or something (since we now are getting uncapped internet in SA) or waiting for the release on DVD to buy or hire. Its really a great movie! I dont know how well it did in the box office and it doesnt look like reviews were amazing, but I think you should watch it anyway. Enjoy!