A Designer Dad says some pretty weird things to his kids – and illustrates them.

Parenting seems like such a ride. Sleepless nights, babies screaming, emotions (the good and bad variety), lots of laughter and happy moments. Basically, a huge conglomerate of every emotion imaginable. While I’m pretty far from parenthood right now, I can only imagine the type of crazies kids make you feel (and ultimately think and say).

So when I came across this post this morning, I knew I had to share it. Also, it’s been a while since I posted some design-y stuff and I’ve kinda missed it.  Nathan Ripperger, the father of 4 boys is a new type of legend. (The 4 boys thing kind of has to explain the crazies)

Oh boy, parenting seems like all sorts of fun.

Designer-Dad_Don'tLickMyArm Designer-Dad-1 Designer-Dad-2 Designer-Dad-3 Designer-Dad-4 Designer-Dad-6 Designer-Dad-7 Designer-Dad-9

My personal favourite: “Don’t lick my arm! That’s what weird kids do.”

Way to put the example out there, dad 😉