My favourite childhood cartoon characters have all grown up!

I’m having a kind of off day, so I don’t really feel like typing something deep, inspiring or even witty. But I do feel like smiling, and sharing those smiles with all of you. I came across this design article on Design Taxi, which is possibly one of my favourite pages I follow on Facebook (That, and Humans of New York).

They showcased a post of how Celeste Pille, an illustrator imagined certain 90’s cartoon characters all grown up (or all growed-up, if you’ll understand the Rugrats reference). Goodness growing up in the 90’s was awesome. And boy, did I love the Rugrats growing up. My childhood bestie (who is still one of my besties) and I used to play her Rugrats computer game for hours. I don’t even know what the game entailed, but I vividly remember playing. I also remember when she came back from a trip to Australia, raving about Nickelodeon and I was super bleak that we didn’t have it in SA. I then rejoiced when it finally did and I was introduced to characters from shows like Hey Arnold.

So here they are: the Rugrats characters, among others (including the Magic School Bus gang) all growed up.

rugrats_angelica Rugrats_chucky rugrats_phil_lil rugrats_susie rugrats_tommyhey_arnoldhey_arnold02hey_arnold_helgaPepperAnnemagic_school_bus_college


I never pictured any of these characters as grown ups before, but I think Chucky and Tommy are such great fits! What do you think? And who was your favourite 90’s cartoon character?