Me, a Na’vi?

So, now that I have a new laptop I am finally able to do what I have been craving to do for months (and possibly more than that) and that is Photoshop to my hearts content 🙂 Screw exams, its time to learn more skills and experiment with all the tutorials available online. So here is my first (of hopefully many) to share with you 🙂 They’ll be catagorised under “Photoshop Experiments” on the right so keep an eye out for them there.

So here it is, my first experimentation with a Photoshop tut in a long time! How do I look as a Na’vi? 😉 I actually fell asleep in Avatar (shhh, I have a disease…) but couldnt resist this tut, it just seemed like a challenge. And it was. It took ALL day! (plus many facebook breaks and almost giving up). Its not the best mainpulation of someone into a Na’vi that I’ve seen, but maybe someday if I find lots of time and no more cool tuts (and a better pic) i’ll try this one again. I’ll be honest, I did get lazy and didnt do the cool hair and braids, but it was too much of a mission. Either way, enjoy!

here’s the original. I think I came a long way 😛 With my favourite “bear” at Build-a-Bear 🙂

Hope you think my transformation was a success! If you want to try your hands out at making yourself into on a Na’vi (be my guest!) you’ll sadly have to wait for my linking to work properly, having probs atm. But here it is anyway: