When your feelings after a movie confuse you.

Last night we took a night off to see a movie called Identity Thief. Reading the description it was about a man who’s identity is stolen by a woman across the country, who lavishly uses up his credit cards and he eventually goes out after her. I was expecting a cool, racy, thriller, but somehow missed the “comedy” label of this one.


Either way it was actually a good movie, if you’re out there to just relax and not think too hard. It was funny, drew emotion to the characters, a typical “hero’s journey narrative”. I’m not going to give away the ending, but it left me feeling a little unsettled and confused.

Let me say this – it was a happy ending. You know how a movie is meant to direct your emotions in a certain way, makes you feel things towards particular characters etc. It did that. And I thought this Identity Thief woman was a complete psycho for most of the movie, and I seriously couldn’t wait for him to get home, turn her in, and sort this whole mess out that she created.

Somehow, at the end of the movie, and how the end of the narrative goes – I felt sorry for the “psycho” lady (who no longer seemed so psycho). Shame, she had a bad childhood and upbringing. I actually landed up feeling sorry for her. And I was just very confused by the feelings Hollywood made me feel. When you watch this movie, and the crazy things this woman does, the amount of money she spends, how she just doesn’t care and how she speaks and treats people… it didn’t correlate how suddenly we like her.

I know it’s just a movie. I know it wasn’t real. But it was interesting to see how movies can guide your thoughts and feelings, even if it’s just towards their characters. I was just annoyed to see how my view of this woman, despite the things she’d done, had changed. I still like the ending! But somehow don’t like myself for liking it. Interesting, I know.

I’m sorry if this comes across as confusing. Has anyone else seen this movie, or understand what I’m talking about?

It’s like some odds and ends. But life is like that sometimes.

I don’t have much to say today, but I haven’t posted in a few days and I thought I’d post a little something just to prove that I’m still around here.

Nothing interesting has happened lately. The weekend was relaxing, yet busy (is that even possible?). We went to Makro (for the first time) to buy Greg some stationery and storage devices (married to a student and all) and then headed to Bayside to hang out (considering we were on that side. We saw Wreck It Ralph, which I thought wasn’t a very strong movie despite the hype about it. But Greg liked it, which I suppose is good.

Wreck It Ralph Poster8

Work has been the same, ploughing through it all. Which is good I suppose. I kind of can’t believe it’s Wednesday. It seems already to be so far from the past weekend, and so far from the coming one. Wednesdays sometimes feel like an icky limbo. There’s all this Oscar Pistorius stuff going on – we were following it quite closely on twitter yesterday, but I really just don’t have the energy for it today. It’s all just one crazy mix up of a story. So crazy, it seems like something that would make a really good crime/murder/mystery movie.

It’s also Purim this weekend (another Jewish holiday) but this one’s actually fun and involves dressing up. Kind of like Jewish Halloween. I’ve been caught horribly unaware this year, with no costume for Greg and myself (there’s only so many times we can go as a Pirate…). The sad thing is that last year we also had no costumes as we’d just gotten married and it obviously took a back seat. In the spirit of Purim, I’m attempting to bake hamentaschen tonight. They’re these little triangular shaped cookies with yummy fillings. We know of my shoddy baking skills, so we’ll really just have to see how this works out.


Considering we haven’t been busy this past week, we’ve started watching some series again. We’re huge Survivor fans and started watching season 19 (Samoa, it was the only recent season we hadn’t watched) a while back but just never got into it and started watching again the other night. In the mean time, Greg is downloading season 25 (I know, can you believe it…?! I remember watching the first season in grade 5 – that’s before my brother was born, and he’s now in grade 6!) which we’re pretty excited to watch.

survivor samoa

It’s funny to not have much to write about. It feels like the last month was so crazy busy. Let’s hope I’m successful with this Hamentaschen attempt so I can share more about this treat with you 🙂

What first – the book or the movie?

I have many a time had the debate within myself of what to do when a movie based on a book is released. Do you read the book first? Or watch the movie first?

My initial reaction, as a firm book lover (and I’m sure many of you share the same sentiment), is of course you need to read the book first! And I did. I still do. For The Help, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter (of course), The Secret Life Of Bees…and many, many other books. I loved all of them! But what did I think of the movies? Nothing much really. The movies usually seem to range from “alright” to “pretty good”, but it’s just never the same.

hunger games

the help

I came to my first movie/book comparison realisations when I was merely 11, and headed to the Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone premier. The Harry Potter freak inside of me, had been counting down for months and despite the excitement of a big premiere – I was kind of disappointed. I lie, I was kind of gutted. As I continued watching the movie (meaning I watched it another 10 times that summer) I started thinking of the different arts of writing and film making. Having studied Film at university, I recognise the differences even more so. So I can’t really expect the two to be the same, yet the movies hardly ever seem to capture the enchantment and don’t seem to grip you in the same way.

harry potter & philosophers stone

After being disappointed by so many movies after reading the books, I have debated watching the movies first. I am yet to do it, as something inside me screams at how wrong this is. When you watch the movie first, when you finally get to reading you already have the character’s quirks and mannerisms in your head according to the actor playing them. You already know what happens (kind of.) Something just tells me not to do it.

On my current watch list is the Life of Pi, as well as The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Both based on books which are apparently incredible. The honest truth is I don’t see myself having time to read the books before. I hate the thought of never reading them because I’ve already seen the movies.

life of pi

perks of being a wallflower

Have any of you ever had these conflicting views, thoughts and emotions? I feel like it’s a no-win, catch 22 type. Regardless, I will continue reading books and watching the movies based on them. It’s kind of hard not to.

It’s important to date, even once you’re married.

When you’re a couple dating (and don’t live together), almost every day you’re trying to see each other or to go out and do something. Now you live together. You see each other either way, and because you just want to see each other, you sometimes are quite happy to just settle at home.You become happy to just lie in bed and watch series at night, or play a boardgame, or get busy with the piles of dishes you have to do before having to go get ready for bed so you can function at work the next morning.

In general Greg and I don’t go out too much. But we decided a while ago that we need to go out on dates. Getting out of the house is really important. While domestic bliss is fun and all, sometimes you just need to run out like the star-crossed lovers that you are deep inside.

So last night we went to the Pink Flamingo, an outdoor cinema set up at the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel in Longstreet, to watch The Breakfast Club. It’s kind of like the happy union of a drive in, and an open air theater. They have a variety of price packages, and you get a little goodie bag of popcorn and sweeties. Sadly, we couldn’t eat the stuff, and were told we could bring our own snacks (We may have gone overboard bringing an entire picnic basket including an old school popcorn box). Even though it was just a movie (which isn’t the most social of events) it was really good to get out and do something fun and different.

I really recommend you check out the Pink Flamingo, I’m sure they’ll have plenty great movies showing in the Summer time!

picnic basket

Greg kept me entertained before the show making sponge balls appear out of our colourful blanket.