Of Men and Cufflinks

So I always have really liked a guy in cufflinks. A guy in a shirt is rather smart. But add in cufflinks, and it’s a total sealed deal! Greg bought his first cufflink-able shirt for our wedding – the only problem is that he doesn’t have any cufflinks (aside for those material, round, knobbly, ball ones – he borrowed a friends’ for the wedding). Him not having cufflinks is probably something I should remedy myself.

So I came across this link today of some cool cufflinks. Would you ever put your guy in some of these?

If I had my way…

If I had my nerdy/childhood-takes-the-better-of-me way, he’d be wearing cufflinks like these!

But I feel like these are more Greg’s vibe. Y’know, if we’re going unconventional and all.

He’s a superhero fan. Iron Man and Spiderman in particular.

And here are some other cufflinks which are cool enough to get a mention:

This is as far as Greg would be allowed to take part in any MOvembering.

As cool as these are, I feel I’d prefer my guy in more traditional, smart cufflinks. But you can’t deny they’re pretty cool 😉