When a Lego man becomes a tourist in London.

I have very fond memories of playing with Lego as a kid. When we lived in Israel, when we’d go to my aunt and uncle on a Friday night, my brother and I used to play with the buckets of Lego my older cousins had. When we moved back to South Africa I remember my dad bought me a very pink girly set, complete with pony-tailed lego ladies, pink umbrellas, swiveling chairs and tiny coffee cups.

I don’t remember when I last played with Lego, but my heart leapt a little when I came across this creative photo series featuring a LEGO photographer taking pictures while traveling in the UK. I just love Andrew Whyte’s series, telling the little mini-fig’s journey.  You can see the full set here on his website. Now I want to go to London too. Sob.

lego01 lego02 lego03 lego04 lego05 lego06 lego07 lego08 lego09

Take me with you?

Sources: Taxi, Daily Mail

I love imagination, LEGO, and NYC.

It’s amazing how you begin to see things in a plain object once someone assigns “meaning” to it, and that’s exactly what happens with these little captioned Lego pieced. I stumbled across this “Abstract Sundays” post from 2009 in The New York Times and it had me smiling. I’m sure you’ll smile a bit too. (But that could just be my nostalgia for New York. Having gone on a short trip of only 1 week, we’re craving to go back after such a teaser).

13taxi 10sushi 09fries 07manhattan 06meterbaseball 03smoking 02empirestate 01paper17beer16stepping


Oh, and I also found this amazing little link on the Abstract Sundays blog. It’s an animated story of “The Potato King”. I really recommend it!


Can you solve these 55 Lego riddles?

How many of you played with Lego as a kid? I know I did. When we lived in Israel and would be at my aunt and uncle, they had Lego from when their kids were young and it kept my brother and I entertained for hours and hours. My favourite was this Lego horse they had. I remember making the tiniest little Lego houses with a yellow door, red walls and a blue roof. When I was about 7 my dad bought me this pink girly paradise Lego set.

I love stumbling upon Lego related things online: stop frame videos, music video, famous movie scenes, (I even found a Lego version of the Bible); I’m not quite sure why, but I guess it makes me somewhat nostalgic. A friend just shared a link with me, which she rightfully assumed I’d love: a combination of Lego and awesome  graphic design.

To commemorate the 55th year of the Lego Brick, Lego has come up with 55 graphic riddles each where Lego bricks represent characters, books, movies, bands and icons from the past 55 years. Some of them are easier to guess than others, and I’ve only really browsed them, but I’m determined to have a good look and figure the rest of them out.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite (You may notice most of them are movies/children’s stories – tells a lot about me, no?) How many of them can you get?

55-years-of-the-brick-lego-2 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-3 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-6 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-42 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-43 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-51 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-5455-years-of-the-brick-lego-4 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-15 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-50


PS: Thanks Kim!

God’s Favourite Toy

I dont know how many of you had a childhood like mine, spending hours building things out of lego, making them perfect and not even wanting to take them down. I even remember my dad getting me this pink little island styled set which was awesome and came with pink umbrellas and this swivelling chair thing…

Anyway – a friend of mine posted this link on facebook and I thought it was funny enough to share with everyone else 🙂

Imagine if God had a childhood (if He had a childhood that is) like many of us, which included the world of lego. This site, The Brick Testament shows much of the Bible/Torah depicted out of lego!!

I dont mean to offend people by this, as I’m sure there are some religio people out there who would take much offense to this as a mockery or get in an outrage because the verses are not exact, blah blah blah. Eh. As a fellow ‘religio’ myself, I find it funny. So have a laugh. I’ll be honest, I haven’t had a chance to check out all of it yet (unlimited cap has not yet set in in my household) but what I’ve seen has caused a bit of a chuckle. I think its a bit much to check out AAAALLLLLLL of it, it is a bit much (and besides, we all have university/school/real work to do, right?). There really is an absolute fortune, and if I had the patience for each picture to load as opposed to viewing a gallery beforehand, I would probably have checked out a lot more. Its very extensive in terms of content. Maybe find a favourite story, ok, I acknowledge not everyone has a favourite Bible story, but at least one you’re familiar with! Maybe start with Adam and Eve, everyone know about them 🙂

Adam & Eve

In all honesty I think what this guy has done is great. Weather you agree with his replication of the Bible or not is another story, but just think of the time and effort taken for each shot. Aside for the technicalities of the camera, and how actually creative each shot is – think about the menial labouriousness of place each and every piece just right? Mission. Though such dedication. I honestly really admire people who can set personal projects or goals up for themselves and achieve them, especially while having fun!

Lego is such an underrated toy. I dont know how many kids even play with it anymore with things like Nintendos, Playstations and Wii etc. All the digital things trumping all the “old school” toys which encourage imagination. No one even watches Barney these days I dont think, who was king supreme of using your Imagination! Or at least thats what I remember! I dont even think we own any lego fpr my little brother to play with, though lucky for us we’re limited on the wii, playstation etc and the kid would rather hang around playing guitar (he’s 9).

Some of the things that are done with lego are so simply awesome. Yeah so these things probably took forever to do, but hey, hard work and dedication is a trait hard to come by.

So if you’re a bit nostalgic now go find that old box of lego and build something. Or better yet, check out The Brick Testament, it doesnt involve the tidying up that lego always did 😉