1 year later: Los Angeles

It was roughly a year ago that I fell off the blogging bandwagon, simply because I couldn’t adequately put something together that could do justice to our trip. And here I am a year later, and all I can think about each day is every moment of our trip. So while TimeHop is helping me, I thought I’d put something small together.

Wednesday-Thursday 11-12 June 2014

Freezing in Joburg. Flying for 9hrs. 8hr layover in Abu Dahbi. 14 hour flight to NYC. Arriving in NYC. Freshening up in the bathroom. Buying the wrong “ice coffee”. Breaking the wire from my braces as we land. 6 hour flight to LA. Free (kosher) food on Jet Blue. Finally reunited with old friends! Eggplant parmesan. Incredible hospitality. Snacks for days. Packing our own groceries. Ben & Jerry’s. BEDTIME.

Friday 13 June 2014

Jetlag. Universal studios. Minion photos. Simpsons ride. Studio tour. Jurassic Park dinosaurs. The Mummy. Orthodontists. Rest time – shabbat!

Saturday 14 June 2014

Sleeping late. Visiting the shul. Chabad next to aerobics studio. Lunch at the Machbubis. Planning for Disneyland. Afternoon naps. Third street promenade.  No indoor smoking. Slushy margaritas.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Hiking to the Hollywood sign. Avenue of the Stars. Shopping. Jeff’s Gourmet Burger. Magic Castle.

Monday 16 June 2014.

Disneyland. Indiana Jones. Almost losing our sunglasses. Thunder Mountain Railroad. Splash Mountain. The Haunted Mansion. Peter Pan’s flight. The Disneyland parade. Matterhorn. Roger Rabbit. Toon-Town. Disney Princesses. Mickey Mouse. Fast pass. All the snacks. Fireworks. Sound and lights show. Too many emotions.

Tuesday 17 June

Venice Beach. Vegan restaurants. Target. Outdoor malls. Takeout sushi. The dreaded red-eye flight…

And then… we headed to New York!

I’m up each night reminiscing about the details of this trip, yet when it comes to writing it down – words fail me. Going through pictures I feel I never took enough, as the scenes in my head I don’t have evidence of. It  was a busy week, and I can’t put into words the experiences we had and how eternally grateful I am to our friend Rocky who hosted us, fed us, drove us around, and was all round incredible to us.

We left a piece of our hearts there. LA – we’ll be back!

Realistic Illustrations of Disney Princesses

Exactly a month ago Greg and I were at Disneyland. It’s hard to believe. And I’m somewhat more in love with Disney than I was before. I haven’t yet put any posts together about our trip, but to commemorate the incredible day that was June 16th 2014 I thought I’d share these stunning illustrations of Disney Princesses by Jirka Väätäinen.

Jirka_Disney_Alice Jirka_Disney_Ariel Jirka_Disney_Belle Jirka_Disney_Cinderella Jirka_Disney_Esmerelda Jirka_Disney_Jasmine Jirka_Disney_Pocahontas Jirka_Disney_Rapunzel Jirka_Disney_SnowWhite Jirka_Disney_Tinkerbell


Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Liebovitz

I love me some Disney (I’m sure you may have guessed). Years back I came across the work of Photographer Annie Liebovitz, who created the dreamiest Disney character photographs using celebrities. I don’t know if I ever shared them on here, I think I have them on my computer at home.

I just came across (like, about 7 minutes) ago a brand new batch which I’ve never seen on some of the more recent Disney movies. If I find the rest at home, I’ll add them, but for now I wanted to show you these new ones.

They’re beautiful and dreamy, in true Annie Liebovitz style. So on this Friday, where your eyes deserve something pretty to rest on, I’ll leave you with these. Happy weekend everyone.


Beauty-and-the-Beast-Jeff-Bridges-Penelope-Cruz-550x341 jenniferhudsontiana Olivia Wilde Alec Baldwin taylorswiftrapunzel urusla Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron as Sleeping Beauty and the Prince.

Some Youtube videos you should watch. (Hint: they involve Disney)

For someone who works in Social Media, and spending plenty time on all social media platforms, I must admit that the one I just don’t have the patience for is youtube. Whaaat? I know, right. Weird. Partly, I’m too lazy at work to search for my earphones. Partly I don’t have the patience for the video to load. Or I simply just never get round to watching your video. So basically, it reallly needs to be good i I’m going to sit through the whole thing.

And I sat through 3 simultaneous youtube videos last night. I mean, that is more than one single video.

But I couldn’t help but dhare this greatness. It started with an innocent video on my Facebook timeline, and now I’ve gone and watched a whole bunch of these. As a Disney lover, these videos all base themselves around the music and characters. Seriously, go watch these. And then go watch all of Todrick Hall’s youtube videos.

Go on. Do it.

But start with these.

And for good measure, here are some of my other favourite Disney orientated youtube videos.

Do you have a favourite or a video you think I have to watch? Please send it my way!

Some classic Disney moments, had they gone awfully wrong.

If  I didn’t share this find with you, I’d be an incredibly selfish person. Imagine if these actually happened? The Lion King one is my particular favourite (I guess it also lends a chuckle considering all this Royal Baby drama that everyone is so enthralled in).

gifs + Disney + awkward moments = priceless.






Guys, laughing for days here.

(source: Mashable)

What Disney are REALLY trying to say.

Disney have often been berated about their politically incorrect-ness, especially in terms of the Disney Princess. I don’t remember the reasons, but I do remember touching on the topic way back in one of my many film classes at University. There’s actually a spoof animated “reality TV” show, called Drawn Together (which I really recommend, though not quite for conservative viewers). One of the characters is a spoof of a Disney Princess, and gosh she says some of the stupidest things.

Anyway, so when I saw this online on one of my very favourite blogs, Hurricane Vanessa, and simply could not help but share this. I posted a series not too long ago about what if Dr Seuss books were named according to their underlying messages. It’s interesting to look at these messages, at every one I nodded internally to myself in agreement. While I could recognise  these messages I’m sure children wouldn’t. I don’t know if this is something they would notice, or consciously pick up. I don’t know how quickly kids pick things like this up, so it would be interesting to note whether a little child would get the notions about “make overs” and “changing for your man” as some of these posters show.

While those are more “serious” I did have a laugh at the Lion King and 101 Dalmations. The Lion King being compared to Hamlet – genius. Now I need to go brush up on my Shakespeare, to fully appreciation this comparison.


disney02 disney03 disney04 disney05

Life isn’t always perfect. Even for Barbie.

Many moons ago I came across the photography series of Dina Goldstein entitled Fallen Princess and wrote my little bit about it. I was so taken by the message behind the series, about Disney pushing unrealistic ideals for little girls, and well – just look at those photos! They also kinda just tugged at some nostalgic heart-strings (I love me some good old nostalgia).

Cinderella Little Red Riding Hood sleeping-beauty

Today I stumbled on a similar series by Goldstein, called “In The Dollhouse”. Instead of Disney characters, Barbie and Ken are her subjects. Similar to her Fallen Pincess series, she injects some darkness into the seemingly “perfect” life of our favourite childhood doll (well, she was mine.) I was playing with my barbies until I was about 10, I remember getting an awesome one where you were given paint to put streaks in her hair. In my final year of university I even wrote a marketing essay about how Barbie and Ken were reunited via Social Media. I might be well over Barbie by now, but the memories are fond ones.

The series is a visual story of Barbie, stuck in a dysfunctional marriage and the resulting tragic decisions she makes. I think the pictures below speak volumes more than I could write about it. So I’ve only included some snippets, so you can look at the full series at this link.

in-the-doll-house-1 in-the-doll-house-3 in-the-doll-house-7 in-the-doll-house-8