Realistic Illustrations of Disney Princesses

Exactly a month ago Greg and I were at Disneyland. It’s hard to believe. And I’m somewhat more in love with Disney than I was before. I haven’t yet put any posts together about our trip, but to commemorate the incredible day that was June 16th 2014 I thought I’d share these stunning illustrations of Disney Princesses by Jirka Väätäinen.

Jirka_Disney_Alice Jirka_Disney_Ariel Jirka_Disney_Belle Jirka_Disney_Cinderella Jirka_Disney_Esmerelda Jirka_Disney_Jasmine Jirka_Disney_Pocahontas Jirka_Disney_Rapunzel Jirka_Disney_SnowWhite Jirka_Disney_Tinkerbell



What Disney are REALLY trying to say.

Disney have often been berated about their politically incorrect-ness, especially in terms of the Disney Princess. I don’t remember the reasons, but I do remember touching on the topic way back in one of my many film classes at University. There’s actually a spoof animated “reality TV” show, called Drawn Together (which I really recommend, though not quite for conservative viewers). One of the characters is a spoof of a Disney Princess, and gosh she says some of the stupidest things.

Anyway, so when I saw this online on one of my very favourite blogs, Hurricane Vanessa, and simply could not help but share this. I posted a series not too long ago about what if Dr Seuss books were named according to their underlying messages. It’s interesting to look at these messages, at every one I nodded internally to myself in agreement. While I could recognise  these messages I’m sure children wouldn’t. I don’t know if this is something they would notice, or consciously pick up. I don’t know how quickly kids pick things like this up, so it would be interesting to note whether a little child would get the notions about “make overs” and “changing for your man” as some of these posters show.

While those are more “serious” I did have a laugh at the Lion King and 101 Dalmations. The Lion King being compared to Hamlet – genius. Now I need to go brush up on my Shakespeare, to fully appreciation this comparison.


disney02 disney03 disney04 disney05

A Disney Princess

Disney Princesses always have a happy ending. After being chased by an evil step-mother, locked in a tower or something of the sort her Prince will always come and love will prevail. We know that reality and our lives are not fairy tales. Its nice to hope and to dream. But the life that Disney portrays just isn’t how the world runs today.And its sad. Everyone deserves to be treated like a princess and to be swept away by her Prince Charming.

I came across a blog article a while ago featuring some images by photographer Dina Goldstein and I came across it again the other day and decided to share them with you.

In this Disney fairytale, Belle doesn’t care about outer beauty when she falls in love with the beast. All that matters is what is on the outside. In theory its such a wonderful thing, to fall in love with someone for who they are, not for how they look or what they represent. But in the world today, does that always happen? What are the influences of girls these days? Who are their role models? Now very often things are about looks. “The jock gets the cheerleader” as we often see in American movies. Here, Belle is clearly no longer concerned with true beauty of herself let alone the poor Beast. If this is what she feels she has to do to make herself beautiful, all these procedures, imagine how she would feel about the beast – if he hadn’t turned into a Prince I suppose!

The whole narrative of a Disney story, or of the average fairytale the Princess spends the whole movie waiting/looking for her Prince Charming. They never really know anything about them or who they are before, they just know that they are their Prince. And they get married. We never see what happens after. Obviously, because it isn’t always so “happily ever after” forever. The Disney dream isn’t all its cracked up to be. Once the happiness and marriagey love bliss is over – then comes kids, and work, and maritial duties, house work… Check Prince Charming here being very far from charming!

“One big problem Goldstein has with Disney films is that there’s always a happy ending, which sets up unrealistic expectations for kids. Sometimes life just doesn’t afford us such luxuries.”

Here are some of the other pics I really like. They’re actually really sad.

Check out the original link here where there are more of Goldsteins photos from the collection. Let me know what you think.