Yes, I’m laughing at you html

So aside for watching tons of awful foreign films at University (that were mostly in German), I also spent many, many hours learning to code websites. I spent most of my day (I only had class 11 – 2 by my 3rd year, and I often left home at 5), in the dungeon basement lab, where all the macs are stored, coding. Squinting at the massive mac screen in front of me, trying to find a piece of off syntax for why my website isn’t doing what I want it to do. It became the bane of my existence.

I don’t regret it, as it gave me a great skill, but I can’t explain the frustration, the tears and all ’round turmoil that coding created in my soul while at University. I can’t complain either because I did really well and got class medal for 2 out of the 3 courses (well, there were only like 9 of us in this class).

In my day-to-day these days (2 years out of varsity) I sometimes come across the odd element of code when making Facebook apps, but now if we need something specifically styled – I’m likely to just send it to the Development guys. I came across these minimalist posters (now, I love minimal design) for how html tags can be used in real life. They’re classic. Especially the breakup one.

If you code, this will make your heart sing too.

<body> <html> <div> <em> colour: .class </html>


Superheroes are just that – super.

I’m not sure what it is about the allure of super heroes. Their strength? Crime fighting? Super-powers? Good-doing? Awesome costumes? Perhaps it’s a bit of everything. I didn’t grow up loving superheros (OK, I really miss the Power Rangers, but I don’t know if those count), I wouldn’t even say that I love them now. But Greg really does, and occasionally I’ll watch a superhero movie with him. We’ve even had real discussions about superheroes – like, spiderman is far superior to batman. Batman is just a rich guy with a fancy car. Spiderman swings from buildings. I mean, come on. He’s totally my favourite.

I guess this is the type of thing that happens when you live with a boy.

So even though I don’t love and live for superheroes like a lot of people do, I usually find them graphically inspiring. They just look good. They really do. So I saw a bunch of art “pieces” (can you call these digital artworks “pieces”?) this morning and thought I’d give you the round up for some Tuesday smiles.

The “Like” Button reimagined: move over “dislike” button, I’d much rather have these gracing my facebook timeline.  Jaime Calderón, you legend, you.

super hero like button

Justice Families: I just love how Andry Rajoelina reimagined our favourite superheroes as moms and dads with their own little mini-sidekicks. It’s like the big fighters of crime and evil are also normal guys with responsibilities, little ones to look after and take to school. Ag, sweet man. I can’t decide between Bat-, Super- or Arrow- man as to which is my fav!

justice families super hero

SuperCats: Ok, so this one is a little more strange than cool. I don’t understand the internet (and people of twitter)’s obsession with cats, you can’t tell me that LOL Catz really is the source of all this nonsense. But I thought I’d share the work of Jenny Parks. Avengers – assemble!

super hero cats

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Art on Toast.

Famous art pieces recreated on toast? Art and  food? Well, you got my attention there. Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes has recreated some iconic art pieces on your humble piece of breakfast. I really recommend following her instagram account to see more of these creations and other food art. Enjoy 🙂

Ida Skivenes - Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Ida Skivenes - Dali


Ida Skivenes - Munch The Scream

Munch’s “The Scream”

Ida Skivenes - Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Ida Skivenes - Monet, Manet

Monet or Manet – whoever painted the water lillies.

Ida Skivenes - toast banana

OK, I don’t know this one.

Ida Skivenes - Pollock

Jackson Pollock


I love imagination, LEGO, and NYC.

It’s amazing how you begin to see things in a plain object once someone assigns “meaning” to it, and that’s exactly what happens with these little captioned Lego pieced. I stumbled across this “Abstract Sundays” post from 2009 in The New York Times and it had me smiling. I’m sure you’ll smile a bit too. (But that could just be my nostalgia for New York. Having gone on a short trip of only 1 week, we’re craving to go back after such a teaser).

13taxi 10sushi 09fries 07manhattan 06meterbaseball 03smoking 02empirestate 01paper17beer16stepping


Oh, and I also found this amazing little link on the Abstract Sundays blog. It’s an animated story of “The Potato King”. I really recommend it!


Some Design Indaba goodness.

I know it’s a little late, but I went on Sunday. I like to go every year, and was super bleak when we couldn’t go last year as it was right after our wedding and things were still a little crazy. But we got there this year! Prebooked our tickets and everything (in order to avoid queues on the day), it may seem a little over-eager but if you saw those queues, you’d know what I’m talking about.

This was my first time going with money and my first time going as a “wife”. It means that the things I was looking at just exapnded. Before I’d look at great design, inspirational things and things that were pretty. My horizons were also opened to cute little home decor and dishes and home-nesting-prettiness-stuff. Now I could actually buy these things (yay for being a working girl!)

Sadly, I didn’t find anything that grabbed me so much that I forked out for it. I’m kind of regretting this, but luckily a lot of it can be ordered online, so I’m not too behind. There’s a reason Cape Town was chosen as design capital of the world for 2014. Here’s only some of what I found:

DI_bellareatheI have been lusting over these rings from BellaReathe for months and just haven’t gotten around to buying one online. I hoped that maybe I could find one on Sunday, but either she wasn’t selling these or if she had been, they’d been scooped up days prior. I will buy myself one, I’m just too in love.


I’m also so in love with these rings from Dear Rae. I think I’m oddly obsessed with the heart motif… I love the silver/copper/brass heart rings, and kept trying one on every time I walked past her stall. Would have bought any of these beauties, I really don’t know what stopped me. I think I love rings until I try them on me. Y’know, and then your ugly fingers ruin the look of a dainty ring. le sigh.


These pictures cannot grasp the awesomeness of this stall. Green Grass Design practically laser cut everything, and it’s all just so cool! Above see their baabaa sheep memos, i dream/wish/love pebbles, a dog/shongololo ruler (a shongololo ruler!!!) and helvetica and garamond stencils. Those stencils are too cool. I only realised when I looked online they were helvetica. Either way, I came out with a cool free key ring.


Now this gal, Deana Alter, is so super talented. All her jewellery is inspired by car parts. That’s right. I am obsessed with those rings on the right, but I guess she was sold out by the time I got there because I never saw them at her stall (these pics are off her Facebook.) The rings on the left (I am seriously considering making an order. Absolute love) are made from shattered windscreen glass! Talk about unique! I asked her how she got the glass, and she said she grabs all the glass she can find after car accidents… whoopsy.


This was my favourite stall of all, Quirky Me. I told Greg I’d buy these moustache cups if he’d drink his tea out of them, but he claimed they wouldn’t be heat resistant (which I don’t get, because I don’t think any of our mugs at home are). Well, he lost out on his own temporary moustache. I also almost (actually) bought the cutest set of placemats, with a fried egg design on them. I was too in love. Then I reminded myself we have a perfectly good set of placemats (and that’s saying something, because keeping kosher means we actually have two sets) and they’re too pretty to be wasted on a Pesach set. Behind these mugs, please see a glimpse of the Supercalifragelisticexpialido… you know how the rest goes. That print = love.

There was too much awesomeness at the Design Indaba. What was your favourite? Buy anything super fancy or special?