When a Lego man becomes a tourist in London.

I have very fond memories of playing with Lego as a kid. When we lived in Israel, when we’d go to my aunt and uncle on a Friday night, my brother and I used to play with the buckets of Lego my older cousins had. When we moved back to South Africa I remember my dad bought me a very pink girly set, complete with pony-tailed lego ladies, pink umbrellas, swiveling chairs and tiny coffee cups.

I don’t remember when I last played with Lego, but my heart leapt a little when I came across this creative photo series featuring a LEGO photographer taking pictures while traveling in the UK. I just love Andrew Whyte’s series, telling the little mini-fig’s journey.  You can see the full set here on his website. Now I want to go to London too. Sob.

lego01 lego02 lego03 lego04 lego05 lego06 lego07 lego08 lego09

Take me with you?

Sources: Taxi, Daily Mail

If Harry Potter had Instagram (not only for the nerds and the young at heart)

I was a huge Harry Potter nerd growing up. I probably wouldn’t have admitted it back then, you didn’t admit to being a “nerd” at age 12 (social suicide, and totally uncool). To put things in perspective, I began the Harry Potter series in grade 5 (the same day we found out my mom was pregnant with my baby brother. I needed to be soothed by this news, and this book I’d been waiting to try certainly worked).

Aside for devouring the books I distinctly remember showing up to the “About Me” show-and-tell vibe in grade 6 with a poster I’d made (including scanned covers of the books and a quiz I had written). In grade 7 I arrived on the first day with a space case decorated in Harry Potter movie stills, had seen the first movie (which had been released over the holidays) at least 10 times (sadly, I could quote it), and had read the first 4 books over 8 times each. I was even one of those lame-o’s waiting in midnight queues for book releases. It’s kind of weird reading and typing all this out, more than 10 years later.

As proof, see my bedroom when I was 12, at the hype of the first film.harry-potter-bedroom

(note the banners, the many posters, my homemade poster, the floating darn candles, and chocolate frog cards for good measure)

And now that you have the basic background of my love, and how I grew up with Harry Potter (the last book was released in Matric), you might be able to understand why I found this Buzzfeed article so fantastic. I know it’s all movie still (please, movie haters, back off), but just imagine. Imagine if the movies had been released in this age, and the awesome instagram campaigns they could have run, like the Hunger Games do.

Have a look, and smile 🙂

harry-instagram01 harry-instagram02 harry-instagram03 harry-instagram04 harry-instagram05 harry-instagram06

While buzzfeeding, I also found this (see them all at this link), which is so true and relevant (to life, and this blog post). Enjoy.

harrylove01 harrylove02 harrylove03

A dose of Harry for the day.

So in my past life (read: childhood). I was the hugest Harry Potter fan. I may or may not have written about this previously, but I’m not sure I want to dig up blog archives of posts to prove it to you. But I saw this and it made me smile. And I hope that it’ll make anyone who lived through (and with) Harry and the gang, smile too.

1 (1)  e im q6

(Apologies for some of them not coming out. Anyway, source here.)

Some Instagrams recently.

Sunday Picnics

A couple weekends ago, Greg and I had a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic at the Urban/Greenpoint Park, one of our favourite places. We took a blanket (these were LL & GG blankets – our initials – which we gave to our retinues as gifts after our wedding) and played Rummikub which I bought Greg for his birthday. I wish we’d taken a picture on my phone, but we did take one on the Typo disposable I got for my birthday last year.

Next to my bed

These are the books that currently sit next to my bed. The Time Traveller’s wife is officially my #1 book. I’m struggling to get through Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I’m currently switching between it and a book called Hush. I always feel like I’m cheating on a book when I read another at the same time.

Fancy nights at hotels

A couple of Saturday nights ago Greg and I spent the night at Crystal Towers Hotel, one of the fancy African Pride Protea Hotels. Don’t worry, my parents had a free night and they’d been before. It was super fancy. And I took an hour long bath at midnight just because I could.

Go, go Power Rangers!

We found the Power Rangers on our harddrive after Greg’s brother used ours as a backup. We watched the first couple of episodes and I think it was the highlight of my week. Who didnt love the Power Rangers?!

Treat your body

I had an incredible time at The Body Shop’s Media Launch of their new Pulse Store.

Mazal tov Viv & Alon!

THIS is the reason I went to Jhb this past weekend. To celebrate a very special friend’s wedding. The atomsphere was electric filled with the best vibe and dancing, and of course, filled to the brim with tons of love. What an incredible honour to be able to dance and celebrate with such a special couple. My calves are still paying for all that crazy dancing – but my gosh, it was completely worth it (even the 4am wake up the following day.)

Rainy days and rainbows

I was sad to miss the crazy hail in Cape Town, but I was much happier to be at a wedding. After the early wake-up, I was very pleased to be greeted by this rainbow on my way to work.

Wannabe Baking Goddess

Greg’s cousin in England is a terribly talented baker (she’s only 12!). Her parent’s were down for a few days and she sent me a package with some of the coolest (kosher) baking goodies. I mean, there are dinosaur shaped sprinkles. My life is made.

Nostalgia? Why not. Some Little Lulu love.

Anyone remember this little gal?

Little LuluFor some strange reason, I woke up this morning with the theme tune to this show in my head. I remember it vaguely as a tv show from my childhood, but wasn’t entirely sure if it was my brain making up words to a tune. So I googled (obviously). And it turns out, my brain wasn’t making it up at all.

Check out the theme tune that I’ve been singing in my head this morning:

It turns out that Little Lulu was a comic strip/book created waaaaay back in the 50’s and in the late 70’s appeared in half hour shorts. In 1995 The Little Lulu show was broadcast on HBO and lasted until 1999 – which makes sense, as these were my childhood years back in Cape Town. She was the first-ever animated stand-up comic, which is pretty awesome (even though I don’t remember that element. I don’t think I knew what stand-up comedy was when I was 7)

It’s funny, we didn’t watch too much TV as kids (getting MNet was a huge deal when it finally happened! This show may have been on K-TV) but this is quite a happy TV memory (as well as Yo-TV’s Disney cartoons in the mornings, we’d all discuss the mornings episodes when we got to school circa. grade 3)

Wikipedia also informed me that Lulu fans hold a gathering at Comic Con every year where they perform a play adapted from a classic Lulu story. Kinda cute. Kinda creepy.

Watch the pilot episode here, and some comic strip below 🙂

(I just watched the first 3 minutes, and I’m already laughing!)little_lulu03


I feel like I want to go find some of these old comics (hoarder alert!). Does anyone else out there have fond Little Lulu memories as a kid?

Maybe you shouldn’t read Dr Seuss to your kids.

Greg loves Dr. Seuss. He tells me over and over again how much he read the books with his parents as a kid, and how all his books now reside with his little cousins in London. He shows such a deep love for these books, that I’m even considering buying him a box set for his 26th birthday. (I’d like to, but I somehow don’t think he’d appreciate it as much as something more age appropriate.)

We know that Dr Seuss books, while written for children, come laden with underlying messages, carefully woven into those pretty pictures and rhyming words. What would happen though, if Dr Seuss books were named according to those underlying messages? I wonder if your parent’s would have stopped reading them to you.

seuss03 seuss02 seuss01

Source: The amazing Hurricane Vanessa.