A long weekend in the winelands

These extravagant long weekends. I feel they’re definitely a uniquely South African thing. We love a good public holiday, and they really are absolutely joyous.

We decided to take an afternoon drive out the the Paarl winelands side. Have you ever thought how many wineland areas there are in Cape Town? Constantia, Durbanville, Paarl, Franschoek, Stellenbosch… not bad for a small stretch! We’d had a cheese fondue the night before so weren’t really into cheese tasting at Fairview, but we thought we’d try some wine tasting at Backsberg Estate – lucky for us – kosher wine.

We brought our usual picnic attire: food, blankets, books, and our latest addition – the selfie stick. We found a secluded spot (exactly where my friends got married, actually) – were we allowed to picnic there? We’re not sure, but we did anyway.

It’s been a while since we hung out somewhere just the two of us, and took a silly amount of photos. So we took full advantage, and selfied ourselves silly! We don’t always have a chance to get out much together these days, between Greg working in Stellenbosch every second weekend and his studies, I have to book afternoons out with him in advance. Which is fine, I guess it makes those planned outings more exciting.

Then we actually went to taste some wine – we’ve never been to a tasting before. It all seemed (and sounded) very fancy, even when a bloke of student age explained it all us (hey, he definitely knew more than we did!). I can’t say I remember all we learnt, other than the merlot and pinotage were particularly delicious. Oh, and that we look silly when smelling and holding wine correctly.

And in the spirit of yolo, and exploring our beautiful City  like a tourist, we hopped on over to Babylonstoren next door. I’ve heard so much of this place and it’s really so beautiful. It definitely is sucky not being able to eat at these places, but walking around the gardens were really beautiful enough. I wish we’d had more time, but we’ll definitely be back. I’d love to stay in one of their cottages, but a little google search told me I’m far from being able to afford a night there. I’ll settle for a Sunday drive.

2015-05-03 15.41.41 2015-05-03 15.53.16

I like a good day exploring, and the great thing is you don’t really need a long weekend for it – it’s close enough for a simple Sunday afternoon! Here’s to more adventures.

A night out in Cape Town: Improguise Theatre Sports

Remember Whose Line Is It Anyway? So last night we went out on a whim to Improguise Theatre Sports. So basically, that. They used to be based at the Intimate Theatre at Hiddingh Campus in Gardens and I used to drive past every day when I worked in the area. I’d always wanted to go but just never got round to it.

improguise_Theatre_sports_cape_town01 improguise_Theatre_sports_cape_town02

Hysterical actors (including Anne Hirsch of The Anne Hirsch Show – watching her alone was worth it), fun games all mixed with suggestions from the audience, accents, repeated scenes, literary styles, even a conversation used entirely out of an audience member’s whatsapp chat… It really is the greatest combination for a night out. If you’ve seen and loved Whose Line, way back when, you’ll definitely love this.

The best part is that all you have to do is watch. But Greg loved it so much that he’s actually signed up to take part in their 8 week improv course! And because it’s all off the cuff and takes it’s cues from audience suggestions, there’s really nothing stopping you going week after week. Greg and I are thinking of this a monthly outing (at least!).

If I tell you it was the best night out I’d had in months (or longer) I wouldn’t be lying. When you are consumed by the type of laughter that takes over your entire body and releases all the air from your lungs that you look like you’re having a fit of pure joy. I literally just felt like a lighter person from a night of good laughs.

improguise_Theatre_sports_cape_town03 improguise_Theatre_sports_cape_town04

They perform every Monday night, so there’s really no excuse to miss out. I’m on a serious mission to tell everyone I know about this, so, here’s my attempt in doing so.

When: Every Monday

Time: 8pm

Where: Galloway Theatre, Waterfront Theatre School (dont be fooled, it’s not at the Waterfront, but Google Map directions are here)

Follow them on Twitter:  @TheatresportsSA

And like them on Facebook: Improguise

The hiiiiills are aliiiiiive…with The Sound of Music.

Soundofmusic01Guys, I’m a little late to the party, but I absolutely cannot help but gush. We saw the South of Music a couple of weeks ago (ok, almost a month ago) on our Hebrew anniversary (all the reasons to celebrate, right?) and I loved every second! I didn’t remember the story too well, I knew a bunch of the songs, knew that it had some war-time connotations, and knew it was going to be good. Greg knew that there was someone who was 16 and was turning 17 (and ultimately 18, 19, 20, 21). That’s it and even admitted that during the opening scene he thought it was going to be crap. Soundofmusic04 Soundofmusic05 But seriously – this show. The singing, the kids – it was so much fun! I actually didn’t realise how many of the songs I knew. I did know that it took place during the time of the war and stuff, but I won’t lie it was a little scary sitting there during a Nazi rally and being Jewish. Obviously, it was all part of the show, but when you don’t expect it, and there you are sitting in a crazy part of your history – it’s a little shocking. Soundofmusic03 Soundofmusic02 I’m sad to hear, but utterly not surprised either that the show has been fully booked out. I’m so glad I bought tickets ages ago for Greg and I, we really love these yearly productions. If unfortunately you didn’t get tickets, here’s a little montage of the show 🙂 IT seems like we saw the other cast to the one in the video, but they were great too 😉

A half-day “holiday” in my new favourite place: Kalk Bay

Isn’t it amazing to live in a city where a short 40 minute drive can take you somewhere so different to your daily life that it just feels like you’re on holiday (albeit a short one). Yesterday we finally actually visited Kalk Bay. Don’t be judgy. Usually we’ve just driven through on the odd occasion of driving friends through to Boulders Beach or something, but we’ve never actually stopped to explore this little seaside fishing village.

Filled with quirky little shops, tons of vintage shops and plenty of wonderful little places to eat or grab a drink (which I wished so badly we could try out). I didn’t expect the amount of random vintage shops. Like tons and tons of just old stuff. Sometimes I like the vintage appeal, but other times I just don’t get it.

2014-02-09 10.54.35 2014-02-09 10.54.49 2014-02-09 10.55.49 2014-02-09 11.12.29

We walked in and out of all the little shops (Greg was such a sport!), down to the harbour (I’ve never been that up close to a seal before!), and stopped for coffee.

2014-02-09 11.24.02 2014-02-09 11.27.19 2014-02-09 11.27.24


Next time I want to stop for drinks at the Brass Bell, the day was shorter than we would have liked as we had a friend’s birthday to attend. On the way home, we stopped somewhere just after Muizenberg on a cement ledge to have a bit of lunch. Usually we’re the type to do household admin work on a Sunday morning, and I’m so glad we put that off to enjoy a morning out together. Good company, beautiful views, and a fun day.

2014-02-09 12.57.092014-02-09 13.00.26 2014-02-09 13.19.13 2014-02-09 13.19.18 2014-02-09 13.19.25 2014-02-09 13.29.25


Table Mountain, you beautiful thing.

We were lucky enough to be given a set of tickets to go up Table Mountain the other day. I was really looking forward to it as the weather had been lovely and the last time we’d gone was before we had even gotten engaged. So it really was a fair while. We graciously accepted, probably to many locals’ (and possibly tourists’ too) dismay at not hiking our way up.

Last week we met up with friends from Australia, who wondered if Cape Tonians ever noticed the natural beauty around them. I proudly told them how much difficulty I have keeping my eyes on the road on my way to work, with Table Mountain spanning my entire view (don’t worry, I always win this internal battle). I asked Greg the other day “isn’t it weird and wonderful how there is this massive mountain in the middle of our beautiful city?” and he rightfully responded “Lee-Ann, you mean what is this city doing built around this mountain?”, which I thought was true and somewhat insightful.

We went up, walked around, took some photos, admired the view, picnicked on sushi, chatted to lots of tourists – and offered to take photos for them, and ended the evening watching the sunset.

2014-01-19 18.18.452014-01-19 18.09.06  2014-01-19 18.19.37  2014-01-19 19.56.45 2014-01-19 20.07.41 2014-01-19 20.07.48 2014-01-19 20.11.52 2014-01-19 20.08.23 2014-01-19 20.08.55  2014-01-19 19.56.26

Cape Town, I love you.

The Galileo Open Air Cinema

I feel like I’m a little late to the party, but I felt the inner need to share this with you anyway. Everybody loves those cosy nights on the couch, with friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend, popcorn, some food, a great movie and a blanket? The Galileo brings you all of that, but outdoors in some of Cape Town’s greatest locations. You’re spoilt for choice with an incredible selection of movies against the most magical scenery of either The V&A Waterfront, Hillcrest Quarry or Kirstenbosch Gardens.

I’ve already seen two movies there, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Love Actually. We wanted to see Harry Potter as well as the Addams Family, but never got around to it or things came up. I’d recommend trying to get there a little early, as it fills up quickly. If you can’t, don’t stress, because the screen is so massive that you can see perfectly even way at the back. For something that could go either way with sight and visibility, they’ve really hit the nail on the head. And I can’t tell you how efficiently it is run.

Movies run 3 nights a week, each time at a different venue, and no movie is repeated – so you better get in there and check out the full schedule. Tickets range from R70 up, but I recommend getting a chair at least. You can bring your own blankets, but be warned – don’t let “summer” fool you – it’s freezing once the sun goes down. So bring extra blankets and jerseys in case.

Greg and I had such a wonderful time at Love Actually, one of our favourite movies. It’s really a perfect summer date night, and the greatest upgrade to a girls night at the movies. If you can do it with a picnic and wine, it’s automatically better, right? So if you haven’t checked the schedule or booked any tickets, please, go do yourself a favour.

2013-12-23 18.54.19 2013-12-23 18.56.35 2013-12-23 18.59.46 2013-12-23 19.13.55 2013-12-23 19.58.51 2013-12-23 19.58.59 2013-12-23 19.59.09 2013-12-23 19.59.24 2013-12-23 20.30.56 2013-12-23 20.31.00