Everyone gets a little sad sometimes.

Don’t worry, it’s not me who’s sad. You’ll see.

I wouldn’t quite say I’ve been busy recently, but I’m not quite sure where I have been to have somewhat neglected this little space. I guess my lunch breaks have been busy, as that’s usually when I find time to write. I don’t write much at home. I prefer to spend time watching Master Chef (our latest series addiction. We are self confessed reality TV junkies, and that’s ok)

Anyway, considering I don’t have much to update you on I’m going to showcase some artwork that literally made me go “awwww” out loud at my desk (OK, I’m sorry it’s more superhero themed stuff. But – the cuteness!) Does this not somehow break your little heart?

emo_batman emo_joker emo-green-lantern emo-hermione emo-hulk emo-ron emo-superman emo-wonderwoman


Of Men and Cufflinks

So I always have really liked a guy in cufflinks. A guy in a shirt is rather smart. But add in cufflinks, and it’s a total sealed deal! Greg bought his first cufflink-able shirt for our wedding – the only problem is that he doesn’t have any cufflinks (aside for those material, round, knobbly, ball ones – he borrowed a friends’ for the wedding). Him not having cufflinks is probably something I should remedy myself.

So I came across this link today of some cool cufflinks. Would you ever put your guy in some of these?

If I had my way…

If I had my nerdy/childhood-takes-the-better-of-me way, he’d be wearing cufflinks like these!

But I feel like these are more Greg’s vibe. Y’know, if we’re going unconventional and all.

He’s a superhero fan. Iron Man and Spiderman in particular.

And here are some other cufflinks which are cool enough to get a mention:

This is as far as Greg would be allowed to take part in any MOvembering.

As cool as these are, I feel I’d prefer my guy in more traditional, smart cufflinks. But you can’t deny they’re pretty cool 😉