A dose of Harry for the day.

So in my past life (read: childhood). I was the hugest Harry Potter fan. I may or may not have written about this previously, but I’m not sure I want to dig up blog archives of posts to prove it to you. But I saw this and it made me smile. And I hope that it’ll make anyone who lived through (and with) Harry and the gang, smile too.

1 (1)  e im q6

(Apologies for some of them not coming out. Anyway, source here.)

ABC of Awesomeness

I dont even remember a time when I had to learn the ABC. Sure, I remember reciting it, but I can’t remember sitting in nursery school with a teacher teaching it to me. It’s one of those things that seem have always been a part of your life. Now, as I peruse the internet pretty often (thanks to unlimited cap) I come across pretty cool and random things which I like to share with the general public i.e you.

So here are some awesome artworks based on the letters of the alphabet by Neill Cameron.  I went through them all just now and theyre really worth a laugh, check out a couple here, or check them all out where I first found them 🙂 I’m only posting 2, so you MUST go check out the rest – such a laugh!