My Designs

I received my first copy of Adobe Photoshop in grade 7, at the tender age of 13. It was that which sparked my love for digital design. In the beginning I never really knew what I was doing more that trying out different brushes, filters, gradients or text effects. In High School I took Graphic Art (now Design by the new system) and despite the fact I hated every second in that room, and going down that long hospital-like corridor for 3 years, it still instilled a love in me for design and for photoshop. I havent learned anything new in recent years, not having enough time or a decent computer (please God about to change) but I am determined to set aside time once exams are over  to try the millions of tutorials available on the internet.

As well as having a collection of Designs made from High School I have since also made posters to advertise events for my Youth Movement (Bnei Akiva) and for the corresponding Synagogue (Shul). On this page I will be posting all the designs I have created over the years (dont worry, its not THAT much 😉 Newest designs will be posted at the top so you dont have to scroll all the way down.

Enjoy 🙂

Shavuot 2010

Purim 2010

A vector of Lara Croft. In the background are images from the process of making her.

An anti Drinking and Driving advert made for newspaper. Text only.

Design for the school magaxine, "The Herzlian" featuring the student council of 2006/7

For our matric final prac my project was made of 3 parts. It all revolved around a hypothetical pitch to the traffic department including a map for a route of the new taxis in town (1),  a wrap for the taxis which included destination and price on it (2) and 4 redesigned road signs (3).

Notice what the Mandala says?

Cape Town/Kaapstad!

These are some of the best ones for now. Hope you like 🙂


7 comments on “My Designs

  1. Howcome I didn’t know you did graphic design? Super cool, love them all!

  2. Nice! I love the anti drinking and driving. And the bricks. You got some skills.

  3. Chaim says:

    Lee, well done, your stuff is great!

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