Remember Me

Ok, So theres a bit of Spanish on this image...

Now its been a while since I saw this movie and since it came out, and I’ve been meaning to write about it since but I decided to wait a while for the little hype there was to die down and for people to see the movie because it would have been really hard to write without giving away spoilers.

Its always nice to be pleasantly surprised by a movie. Especially since recently movies have just been average or “nice”. I find that this one gave a lot more than the viewer bargained for. I remember seeing the trailer (which as noted about in previous blogs, I love, and tells one a lot [sometimes too much] about a movie) and thinking “aw cute”. Thats what it seemed like – a simple little love story and hopefully not too mushy. I was a little skeptical with the casting of Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame, I’m just not a fan like all the millions of teenage girls around, who undoubtedly saw the movie only to see him.

The movie started and throughout it there was a slightly dark and somber tone that I noticed, which usually a love movie wouldn’t have. So I continued wondering how it tied up as piece by piece things added up slowly after the events of the beginning of the movie.

The reason for that somber tone is revealed at the end. And it was a really hard hitting ending. I never expected it and thats what was so impressive for me – a movie with an unpredictable ending, and something that isnt cliche or average for a change. It makes you really think about things: what you would do in those position. How people in that position may have felt. (I’m trying to to give much, if anything away here). And in a more general sense the value of life and relationships between people. Valuing time. And others.

I went to the cinema to see a light hearted movie to chill out, instead of a teenage romance I got a lot more out of it. A great surprise at the end. A great movie. I did find towards the end it got a bit slow and dragged, but a couple minutes later was when they hit you with the final punch.

I’m not sure if its still on circuit – its probably not. But I recommend downloading or viewing online or something (since we now are getting uncapped internet in SA) or waiting for the release on DVD to buy or hire. Its really a great movie! I dont know how well it did in the box office and it doesnt look like reviews were amazing, but I think you should watch it anyway. Enjoy!

Why’s a raven like a writing desk?

I know everyone has been looking forward to the upcoming (and now officially released) Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland and there without a doubt millions of reviews up on it too by now. Especially as it was coming out in 3D; now, I’m a BIG fan of 3D movies and I dont think I have passed up the chance yet to see something. It really makes the whole experience that much more fun. Who cares about Avatar and the Navi when you can have Jonny Depp & Tim Burton popping out in front of you? (I dont mean to offend anyone by that rhetorical question – I’m sure many of you DO care…)

The thing that I felt personally about this movie is the aesthetic pleasure it brings to the viewer. For me, the storyline wasn’t as important, though I am sure that for most people it was as important as in every other movie (and may have been a let down to a point – more on that later). Being the person that I am, having dreamed of working behind the scenes and on effects of movies since about the age of 14, seeing a movie like this is simply dream-like. What was nice about the storyline though is that it wasn’t a remake of a classic. It was an adaptation, so it wasn’t expected to be “just like the book” which in some way relieves some of the pressure off die-hard Disney fans who were ready to critique.

I think that they made use of the 3D quite well. Its not all just about giving more dimension to the picture plane and stretching out the landscape – there is so much 3D can do. So far the best 3D put to use that I’ve seen was Coraline, but I think Burton did a good job too. Especially with the falling down the rabbit hole, where it felt as if there were things flying at you! As well as in the forest you feel as if you’re hiding behind the trees as they’re about to scratch your face or later on when the leaves are falling and they come closer to you. Sometimes I dont think 3D movies fully utilize this innovation and its such a pity.

But what I just loveed is how each of the characters were so visually rich. Every time certain characters were on screen, the entire scene seemed to be dedicated to them. I thought the White Queen was simply beautiful; white dress, white hair, pale skin – with dark eyes, black eyebrows and red lips to stand out. Anne Hathaway added a certain daintiness to her part. All the people of her palace were as white and pale and dressed in white. As well as just all their hair skin and clothing, the whole tonal colour of the scene seemed to be white and glowing while she was there.

The Red Queen

There was just some awesome about the Red Queen’s bitchy, cold-hearted, blunt, bad-assness. My favourite about her (now dont judge) were her lips. They always looked like they were angry and pouting – why? Because there was a red heart painted on them, which gave the illusion of a constant pout. Fitting for the Queen of Hearts. What’s also so cool about her is her enlarged head, its not something major but I always think about how that was filmed and the effects made. Her body is perfectly normal. And then you notice how all her patrons (is that even the appropriate word?) have different deformities – ridiculously extended noses, contorted chins, enlarged ears; all to make her royal highness feel important. She was seriously like a bratty demanding 3 year old. (Almost like Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter, a character you cant help but love to hate. Though I think I may have liked her more than hated her.)

Something that gets me every time with this type of movie is how on earth it was filmed. There must have been such a use of green-screen that it is a wonder that Alice managed so well acting with things that weren’t there in a world that she wasn’t existing in. The effects were just lovely. It was the synthesis of real life and the computer generated characters that combined the real world and the fantastical which impressed me. I don’t know why I was so much more mesmerised by this than by Avatar; perhaps I’m just partial to Tim Burton or just didn’t get as caught up in the whole Avatar hype. Another thing which intrigues me is the work with perspective as Alice shrinks or gets bigger and how they filmed/acted that from scene to scene as her height changed and adjusted. Maybe its just me who thinks of these things :S

Somethings that must be commended, as well as the beautiful effects, are the costumes and make-up. They’re just delicious to look at. Yes. I’ve already spoken about the White Queen and briefly about the Red Queen. The Red Queen’s make up, aside for her lips were great I just loved the blue eye-shadow leading up to her perfectly thin eyebrows. The Mad Hatter was also just so intricately dressed and made-up, I don’t even think I paid enough attention to the detail of his clothes or eyes. I actually fell in love with one of the dresses Alice wore – keep an eye out for the one the Red Queen orders to be made for her!

One thing though that was somewhat disappointing were Depp and Alice. His performance was good, but nothing amazing and pretty average. Someone said to me it looked like he had the whole Jack Sparrow walk going for him. Though he did put across his feelings for Alice wonderfully 🙂 I found she though, was also average. Despite that I personally thought she was beautiful – her characters wasn’t striking as others. She wasn’t so strong or anything as the main character or heroin should be; and its not even like when it finally got to the end there was a big penny dropping or something. No. The penny kinda dropped onto a soft carpet without a sound.

Having seen the movie yesterday and since having a whole day to contemplate the movie, I came to the conclusion that the storyline itself wasn’t really anything to write home about. It wasn’t particularly exciting or action filled. Thankfully, the richness of the visuals had me totally distracted for the entire duration.

Something small I did learn though, which I kind of liked: “Sometimes I think of 6 impossible things before breakfast” -> what a wonderful way to stretch and exercise the imagination.

Oh, and bonkers is definitely the best position to be in 🙂

Valentines Day

I was meant to write this up yesterday, but as time flew by the night got dark and sleep gradually took over. In class yesterday I was thinking about the latest movie I saw – Valentines Day. I know Valentines Day itself has come and gone (by almost 3 weeks – I’m clearer not the biggest supporter of the corny Hallmark holiday) but I only saw the movie earlier this week.

I remember seeing the trailer for the first time and being so excited and immediately putting it on my list of movies-i-need-to-see-as-soon-as-they-are-released, knowing full well that it was going to be just like Love Actually in USA [vs. UK] and on Valentines Day [instead of Christmas]. But because Love Actually was so incredible – things were looking up that Valentines Day might meet the bar, especially with their outstanding line-up of cast members! See, I love watching trailers, they’re possibly one of the best parts of the movie experience but I just hate it when the trailer is better than the movie itself. Or when most of the funny parts are in the trailer. I found this movie a guilty culprit.

The movie itself was cute, but personally found it a bit of a let down. Yes, the cast were fantastic – but not necessarily due to their acting in this specific film. The reason we were all rushing to see this (aside for the fact it was a cushy-love movie being released the weekend of Valentines Day) is because we were fans of each castmemebers work. But this was nothing special.

The storyline was nothing new in the scope of the romantic comedy (in all honesty, I’m not sure why I expected things to be different). [SPOILER] We could see that Jennifer Garners character would fall for Ashton Kutcher; you see, I dont even remember any of the characters names, they’re just preceded by the actors

Another thing I found in the movie is that they just kinda stuffed famous people inside it without really thinking. Like the more famous actors, the better the movie…errrrm – not so, eh. There were so many characters that each of their stories were kinda kept short. From what I remember, Love Actually didnt have as many characters which kept their stories more detailed. And that most of them were couples made it easier to keep track of.

So in all, I think the movie was cute. It wasn’t painful to sit through. But no need to go see it again. Best part was deff the fact that there was a large box of smarties in our box of popcorn, as opposed to the usual smaller box. This resulted in us grabbing more handfuls of smarties than popcorn – yum. Now THAT, I recommend 😉