I’m still here. I surprise even myself.

I’ve been away for so long, and now I’m back so quickly. Want a general update? Well it’s really pretty great.

  • Work is fabulous. The one thing I am so proud of and so happy with is the level of job satisfaction I have. Sure it’s hard many times. Sometimes I even wonder if it’s normal to be this happy at work.
  • I work with the greatest bunch of people, and I’m constantly in awe at how much my immediate team has grown. I’m so happy working with them all. In general, I work with people who really do teach and inspire me every day, and that’s something special.
  • Greg is studying again this year. It has been very time consuming recently, but he’s working so hard and I’m very proud of him. It’s not easy working until 3 (often later), studying (a good few hours a day) and still being able to be a husband sometimes.
  • On top of his studies, he’s building on his magic career. I know I am 100% biased, but this guy is flpping talented. I know because, well, I know, but also I see people’s reactions. He’s got a regular gig performing at a restaurant in Stellenbosch – The Thirsty Scarecrow. He’s there every 2nd Sunday between 1 and 4, and he’s a real vibe. (Psst, he’s there this week.)
  • I never finished my 365 scarf project. I got to the round number of 300, and I think that is achievement enough in itself. Yes, it was 65 days from the end, but I wasn’t enjoying it so much, so I was ok with my decision.
  • You read about my wanderlust, and how it consumes my thoughts. I constantly fantasies about Israel, Paris (well, Euro Disney if we must be honest), Thailand, Las Vegas, Orlando, Japan, India… just a few on the bucket list.
  • One of the highlights of my week is the pilates class I go to at the gym. I literally wake up smiling at 5:45 every Wednesday. I suck, and it’s some form of “pilates fusion” or something, but it’s cool, works some muscles, and I think my balance is improving (but I still can’t touch my toes).

Until next time (hopefully).

2 comments on “I’m still here. I surprise even myself.

  1. laralevitan says:

    So happy to see you back was wondering what had happened to your blog. #neverforseastory

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