Hello – are you still there?

It’s been a while, world. A long while. Do I even know how to do this anymore? I used to have fun with this, love it actually, but it just became to time consuming – and subconsciously, I think I started doing it for other people. After our America trip I was so consumed with writing the perfect blog posts… that I got overwhelmed and just never did it. And I haven’t been back.

But here I am. And today’s topic: Wanderlust.

It’s a real (first world) problem. Why is it the only thing I can think about? Why do I literally feel (almost) comfortable about emptying parts of my savings to travel parts of the world? I feel it’s become the norm these days. To travel, because yolo and all, and we’re still young and stuff. True, right?

But shouldn’t I be responsible and keep my money for things like a house, and children (eek – not quite ready for that yet!), and life insurance, and financial advisors, and, and… you know.

I haven’t seen my brother for a year and a half almost, and I really miss him. He lives in Israel and can’t visit South Africa much. I also miss my friends there (there are too many), and I actually miss the place. But it being so close to Europe is so hard… and the fact that in the next few years we’ll become grown ups and have a family and stuff and I just want to get all the travelling in.

I spent a bit of time today fantasy flight shopping, which I do on occasion. And I found my dream flight. Greg is reserved about it all. He’s studying this year and he only has 1 single week off, which is what we’re looking around. Anyway, my grander travel plans may or may not happen. I’ve planted a terrible seed in my own mind, and tend to obsess to work towards things when I know I can do it.

Hopefully writing all of it down, will get it out of my system so I can have a good night’s sleep, and not have me sitting on my phone looking at airline websites until my phone falls on my face.

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