Project 365: Week 18 – 21

I’ve been super scarce around here, and I don’t really like it that much. Sometimes I feel this blog is becoming a 365 project, and it’s really not. I have a whole list of things written on my phone of things I want to blog about and share, but I just never get around to doing it. Because when I’ve spent so much time on the computer all day, I just want to live in the real world for the rest of the day.

Anyway, a scarf update!

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Week 18

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Surreal photography of humans and animals

I’ll be honest, there’s really not much more to this post than wanting to share these beautiful photographs. I don’t know if it’s the soft lighting, exotic animals, enchanted forest, or those beautiful red-heads. Either way, these images by Katerina Plotnikova are just drool worthy.

surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-17 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-4 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-6 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-11 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-12 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-13 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-15 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-19 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-20surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-3 surreal-animal-human-portraits-katerina-plotnikova-21

Follow this link to see more from the series.



Project 365: Week 14 – 17

I started out updating this every Sunday. Then it became every 2nd week, because I didn’t want to spam you all. Then, well, sometimes I lost track of the week, sometimes I ran out of time, and sometimes it just got too overwhelming sorting through all the pictures to put a post together, and here we are at a 4 week update!

There are some goodies in this one, with lots of new accessories (including gifts, my wedding tiara and a “clip on necklace” from a top I bought) and scarves.

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Have you tried any of these looks?

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