Don’t let rejection get you down. These guys sure didn’t.

We know that some of our favourite celebrities, authors, musicians had a rough time “making it big”. I mean, it can’t be easy. I imagine it’s equal parts determination, skill, the people you know (or don’t know) and a certain amount of luck or good fortune. As my childhood Harry Potter fan knows, JK Rowling took years to get published and rejected by so many publication houses. I found these rejection letters received by the likes of Madonna, Andy Warhol, U2 and Tim Burton (and by Walt Disney to boot!). It’s funny and sort of amazing to think that someone didn’t think they were “good enough”, and ended up “making it” not long after.

So you see, a little hard work and perseverance really can help push you towards your dreams, be it in your career or personal life. And you know what, even if you don’t “make it” and become big and famous, you’re still wonderful, capable and can achieve big things. Like if you don’t get that job, don’t worry, something better will come along. Dream big, guys dream big.

RejectionLetter_AndyWarhol RejectionLetter_Madonna RejectionLetter_TimBurton RejectionLetter_U2

(source: Design Taxi)


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