On our 2 year wedding anniversary.

Can you believe I’ve been married 2 years to this bloke? (Or rather, that he’s been married to me?) And he still makes me heart flutter.

lee-ann -375

I certainly can’t. Friend’s and family can’t believe it either, always commenting about how it still feels like yesterday. I mean, where did the time go?

Last year I was so emotional hitting our one year anniversary. It seemed like a big momentous occasion. I even cried when Greg gave me my gift (a bracelet from his January trip to Israel, which I wanted but he said he didn’t have time to get to, with the quote from our wedding engraved on the outside, and our names on the inside. I love it). I was an awful wife and never gave him anything. We celebrated in a big way at Madam Zingara (actually, I paid for that, so I guess that was my gift).

We had plans to do a fancy spa day for our anniversary this year, but time slipped away from us and I realised it’s not about big fancy celebrations and elaborate presents. It’s about us, and celebrating our relationship: we needed to focus on that. We’re going intimate and low key tonight instead and are making a fancypants dinner to eat by candlelight, giving each other hand made crafted gifts (I’m intrigued as to what Greg has made, he’s not the crafty type – we’re exchanging gifts this evening), and maybe we’ll page through our brand new custom wedding album or watch our wedding video.

lee-ann -243

On our anniversary, while I feel thankful for and loved by my husband I cannot help but feel appreciative of so many other people. Our family helped us pull off the most epic wedding I’ve been to. We had friends fly in from Israel, England, Australia, America, Joburg, and Durban. To those who flew in, to those who hosted our friends with places to stay and meals to eat, to friends who lifted our out-of-town friends around and for all the joy you brought to our very special day: thank you.

I try to tap in to those emotions of the day on our anniversary. Everything is still so recent on your first anniversary, and for us we were really still settling in to married life. Now we have no (ok, very few) food or kitchen dramas and make dinner like clockwork, we don’t invite ourselves out for Shabbos meals as much because we love hosting our friends and entertaining, we’ve become really adult with all the responsibilities and trimmings. Sometimes you get so stuck in routine (gym, work, dinner, dishes, shower, bed, shabbos, grocery shopping, rent, medical aid, petrol) that you really can lose sight of being in love. I think this past year really just flew by in a blur of life, work and routine.

lee-ann -442

Recently we’ve initiated “date nights” because we always land up being so busy in the week that we don’t find the time for the two of us. That’s my new priority this year, us.

It’s been two years filled with good times, smiles and memories, challenges and tough times. I have a husband who chooses to love me, and every day I choose to love him in return. Love is a verb, they say, it’s not just a feeling. 2 years isn’t much in the long run, but I can’t help feel pretty happy and filled with smiles (ok, and some tears I’m holding back). Thank you GG for all the laughs, the crazies, the fun times, the sucky times and just for all the love. I love you bucketloads. I really am the luckiest lady. Onwards into the 3rd year of life together, side by side.

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5 comments on “On our 2 year wedding anniversary.

  1. wannabepoet says:


  2. Greg Gelb says:

    You are welcome my best and thank you for putting up with me and choosing to love me. I couldn’t wish for a better wife.

  3. frumachava says:

    Mazal tov! Many more years together of all the ups and downs that marriage is. Beautifully written and expressed. You’re a lovely couple.

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