My life according to Buzzfeed quizzes

While this could be a serious post about how we let our careers, families, society etc define us, and how we should empower ourselves to create our own definition of self… it’s a lot more light hearted. Every 5 seconds someone else is some bizarre movie character/actor/location/item of clothing according to buzzfeed. Well, let’s see what would become of me:

What font are you?


Everyone at work seemed to think this was an accurate one. Many weren’t happy with their Garamond or Times New Roman selves.

Which “Frozen” character are you?


He’s rather lovely and wise, isn’t he? (Truth is, I got the snow monster the first time, and that just made me sad)

What should your college major actually be?


Well, I did do a Bachelor of Arts. Nailed it.

What would your fate in The Hunger Games be?


It’s true, I’d probably never make it, even though I kind of wish I would.

What do you need in your life right now?


I LOVE ICE CREAM! And look how cute this little piggy is!

Which FRIENDS character are you?


I laughed at this. Because Greg is totally Ross.

What food suits your personality?


Well, at least I’m not vegetarian or afraid of carbs, right?

Which Spice Girl are you?


I miss the Spice Girls, and Emma was totally always my favourite. I also totally had a Spice Girls cake for a birthday once.

Which “New Girl” character are you?


Not strictly from Buzzfeed, but who doesn’t love New Girl. So, Cece. Headstrong and doesn’t take bullshit – yeah, I’ll take it.

Basically guys, it’s like Buzzfeed just knows me.


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