On our 2 year wedding anniversary.

Can you believe I’ve been married 2 years to this bloke? (Or rather, that he’s been married to me?) And he still makes me heart flutter.

lee-ann -375

I certainly can’t. Friend’s and family can’t believe it either, always commenting about how it still feels like yesterday. I mean, where did the time go?

Last year I was so emotional hitting our one year anniversary. It seemed like a big momentous occasion. I even cried when Greg gave me my gift (a bracelet from his January trip to Israel, which I wanted but he said he didn’t have time to get to, with the quote from our wedding engraved on the outside, and our names on the inside. I love it). I was an awful wife and never gave him anything. We celebrated in a big way at Madam Zingara (actually, I paid for that, so I guess that was my gift).

We had plans to do a fancy spa day for our anniversary this year, but time slipped away from us and I realised it’s not about big fancy celebrations and elaborate presents. It’s about us, and celebrating our relationship: we needed to focus on that. We’re going intimate and low key tonight instead and are making a fancypants dinner to eat by candlelight, giving each other hand made crafted gifts (I’m intrigued as to what Greg has made, he’s not the crafty type – we’re exchanging gifts this evening), and maybe we’ll page through our brand new custom wedding album or watch our wedding video.

lee-ann -243

On our anniversary, while I feel thankful for and loved by my husband I cannot help but feel appreciative of so many other people. Our family helped us pull off the most epic wedding I’ve been to. We had friends fly in from Israel, England, Australia, America, Joburg, and Durban. To those who flew in, to those who hosted our friends with places to stay and meals to eat, to friends who lifted our out-of-town friends around and for all the joy you brought to our very special day: thank you.

I try to tap in to those emotions of the day on our anniversary. Everything is still so recent on your first anniversary, and for us we were really still settling in to married life. Now we have no (ok, very few) food or kitchen dramas and make dinner like clockwork, we don’t invite ourselves out for Shabbos meals as much because we love hosting our friends and entertaining, we’ve become really adult with all the responsibilities and trimmings. Sometimes you get so stuck in routine (gym, work, dinner, dishes, shower, bed, shabbos, grocery shopping, rent, medical aid, petrol) that you really can lose sight of being in love. I think this past year really just flew by in a blur of life, work and routine.

lee-ann -442

Recently we’ve initiated “date nights” because we always land up being so busy in the week that we don’t find the time for the two of us. That’s my new priority this year, us.

It’s been two years filled with good times, smiles and memories, challenges and tough times. I have a husband who chooses to love me, and every day I choose to love him in return. Love is a verb, they say, it’s not just a feeling. 2 years isn’t much in the long run, but I can’t help feel pretty happy and filled with smiles (ok, and some tears I’m holding back). Thank you GG for all the laughs, the crazies, the fun times, the sucky times and just for all the love. I love you bucketloads. I really am the luckiest lady. Onwards into the 3rd year of life together, side by side.

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Finally, our custom designed wedding album, by Books.Love

I got the greatest delivery at work last week: our wedding album. You might wonder why this is almost 2 years late, but I’ll give you a full run down of what happened, why, and just how fantastic this book is.

2014-02-18 21.47.48

Can you tell I was excited to open it?

You see, you pay a lot of money for beautiful wedding photographs. I love ours, and even now 2 years later, I still look back at them fondly. Not just because they capture our day, but because the are just so beautiful. I always wanted a photobook from our wedding. I’d fallen in love with a friend’s album, not the normal photobooks with a hardcover and normal paper pages, but the heavy duty, massive ones, each page on mounted board. That is what I wanted.

Our photographer did offer the creation of a photobook at an extra cost, but he wasn’t offering one of these books I wanted, and for R3 000 – R4 000, I wasn’t going to settle (because that’s a lot of money). So I’ve always been doing research, since before, and continuing well after our wedding day. There were an array of options, but they were either too expensive or not the book I wanted or I’d have to design the pages myself in Photoshop, which I honestly just didn’t have the time or patience for. Along comes an ad on The Pretty Blog for a photo album service called Books.Love.


Enter the very lovely Cassandra. Send her your photos, and she puts the album together, sending each page to you for approval. And: she offered the book I wanted (actually, she has a variety of different books), and the price was so decent. For less than getting a book through Orms that I’d have to design myself, I’d have the book of my dreams and have someone do the hard design work I didn’t have time for. It was like my prayers had been answered.

After paying my deposit and posting we got to work. Now you must understand, handing over your beloved wedding photos to a complete stranger can be a terribly daunting task. I didn’t realise I might have trust issues until those early days. It’s difficult, especially if you’re fussy and particular, but if there’s something I didn’t like I made sure to let Cassandra know and she very kindly assisted me in putting my vision into a perfect reality.

It's one thing receiving files like this in your inbox to approve, but a whole other thing when you see it printed!

It’s one thing receiving files like this in your inbox to approve, but a whole other thing when you see it printed!

It’s difficult, sometimes you don’t like something and you need to try put your finger on what it is to try explain it. I would sometimes agonise for hours putting together an email that I was pretty sure wasn’t making much (if any sense), and worried to get an email from Cassandra saying “sorry, I actually have no idea what you’re trying to say”, except each time she presented me with an email filled with pages of my book that just worked. She understood all my ramblings and made my book perfect.

Upon delivery, I couldn’t stop smiling and couldn’t wait to open it with Greg and home. I knew the pages were going to be beautiful (I mean, I did approve them all) but what I could not have possibly expected was the excellent quality of the book. It’s sturdy and feels like it’s going to last til we’re old and gray. It’s the one thing I still cannot get over (and I’ve looked at this book over and over again, I can’t get over it!)

And behold, a very beautiful wedding album, just in time for our 2nd anniversary. (Also, I know I need to learn to use my camera and not rely on my phone)
2014-02-19 20.08.08 2014-02-19 20.08.20 2014-02-19 20.08.28 2014-02-19 20.08.38 2014-02-19 20.08.47 2014-02-19 20.09.01 2014-02-19 20.09.08 2014-02-19 20.09.19 2014-02-19 20.09.30 2014-02-19 20.09.37 2014-02-19 20.09.46 2014-02-19 20.09.52 2014-02-19 20.10.02 2014-02-19 20.10.09 2014-02-19 20.10.17 2014-02-19 20.10.26

View Books.Love here (and the facebook page here), the different album types here, and prices hereIf you’re looking for a custom made album (for any event, it doesn’t just have to be a wedding!), I seriously recommend Cassandra. She’s friendly, helpful, understanding and really helps you create something beautiful. And who can say no to a beautiful wedding album? That’s right. No one.

When a Lego man becomes a tourist in London.

I have very fond memories of playing with Lego as a kid. When we lived in Israel, when we’d go to my aunt and uncle on a Friday night, my brother and I used to play with the buckets of Lego my older cousins had. When we moved back to South Africa I remember my dad bought me a very pink girly set, complete with pony-tailed lego ladies, pink umbrellas, swiveling chairs and tiny coffee cups.

I don’t remember when I last played with Lego, but my heart leapt a little when I came across this creative photo series featuring a LEGO photographer taking pictures while traveling in the UK. I just love Andrew Whyte’s series, telling the little mini-fig’s journey.  You can see the full set here on his website. Now I want to go to London too. Sob.

lego01 lego02 lego03 lego04 lego05 lego06 lego07 lego08 lego09

Take me with you?

Sources: Taxi, Daily Mail

My life according to Buzzfeed quizzes

While this could be a serious post about how we let our careers, families, society etc define us, and how we should empower ourselves to create our own definition of self… it’s a lot more light hearted. Every 5 seconds someone else is some bizarre movie character/actor/location/item of clothing according to buzzfeed. Well, let’s see what would become of me:

What font are you?


Everyone at work seemed to think this was an accurate one. Many weren’t happy with their Garamond or Times New Roman selves.

Which “Frozen” character are you?


He’s rather lovely and wise, isn’t he? (Truth is, I got the snow monster the first time, and that just made me sad)

What should your college major actually be?


Well, I did do a Bachelor of Arts. Nailed it.

What would your fate in The Hunger Games be?


It’s true, I’d probably never make it, even though I kind of wish I would.

What do you need in your life right now?


I LOVE ICE CREAM! And look how cute this little piggy is!

Which FRIENDS character are you?


I laughed at this. Because Greg is totally Ross.

What food suits your personality?


Well, at least I’m not vegetarian or afraid of carbs, right?

Which Spice Girl are you?


I miss the Spice Girls, and Emma was totally always my favourite. I also totally had a Spice Girls cake for a birthday once.

Which “New Girl” character are you?


Not strictly from Buzzfeed, but who doesn’t love New Girl. So, Cece. Headstrong and doesn’t take bullshit – yeah, I’ll take it.

Basically guys, it’s like Buzzfeed just knows me.

Project 365: Week 8 – 11

Oh goodness, I can’t believe I’ve skipped out on a full 4 weeks of this on my blog! Well, I guess this is going to be a juicy one then! In this post you’ll see the addition of some blue, as well as white (I’ve actually bought two blue scarves, a colour a hardly wear!) and some of my favourite heardwrap/scarf combinations to date! So much so, that I’ve decided to highlight them below.

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Happy viewing, guys!

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

My favourites:

2014-01-31 18.36.35

This may not be the most fancy wrap, but I love how I managed to use the tiara I wore to our wedding to add some special love and sparkle for Shabbat.

2014-01-21 07.59.38

The unexpected combination of colours came out so beautifully. I literally felt like royalty this day.

2014-02-12 07.53.26

I’d never worn this leopard scarf as it’s blue (my fear colour!) and square (I prefer rectangular scarves). I just love how light, flowy and elegant this came out. This is something I could definitely wear to a wedding.

Have a great week, everyone. I promise to try update this more regularly 🙂

PS. Don’t you love my work bathrooms in the background of my pictures? 😛 I think I need to work at taking these elsewhere… and try my best not to look awkward carrying a mirror.