Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Liebovitz

I love me some Disney (I’m sure you may have guessed). Years back I came across the work of Photographer Annie Liebovitz, who created the dreamiest Disney character photographs using celebrities. I don’t know if I ever shared them on here, I think I have them on my computer at home.

I just came across (like, about 7 minutes) ago a brand new batch which I’ve never seen on some of the more recent Disney movies. If I find the rest at home, I’ll add them, but for now I wanted to show you these new ones.

They’re beautiful and dreamy, in true Annie Liebovitz style. So on this Friday, where your eyes deserve something pretty to rest on, I’ll leave you with these. Happy weekend everyone.


Beauty-and-the-Beast-Jeff-Bridges-Penelope-Cruz-550x341 jenniferhudsontiana Olivia Wilde Alec Baldwin taylorswiftrapunzel urusla Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron as Sleeping Beauty and the Prince.


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