3 useless kitchen appliances I just have to have

I feel like I’ve become a bit of an appliance collector. Can you believe that we have 2 toasted cheese machines (meat and dairy), 4 hand blenders, 2 food processors (diff sizes), a waffle machine, an electric scale, an electric frying pan… just to name a few among the normal (not to mention our air fryer, steamer, 4 slice toaster…). These were all wedding gifts, and we actually have some that we haven’t even opened. I know right? Ridiculous.

Yet there are certain appliances I am itching to buy. I have informed Greg of these urges, most of which he has artfully brushed aside. Also, he says he doesn’t want to get fat. Apparently before I came into the picture he never used to eat cakes and cupcakes etc. Darn, all my fault, clearly.

1. A Donut Machine

IT all started when I saw the glorious donut pan available on Yuppiechef. I was sold on them (they’re currently sitting in my cart, waiting for me to decide if I’ll ever purchase them), until I realised that you can buy actual machines. I figured this would be less mess, and because I’m sometimes a little lazy, this could only be the better option. In my mind I’m already imagining warm, delicious homemade (kosher) donuts, different flavours, different glazes… and it would make an impressive Shabbos dessert. Guys, I’m always about impressive Shabbos desserts.


Glaze and SPRINKLES!

They’re probably better in theory. I’m pretty sure I’d make a mess of them either way.

2. A Fondu Set

I’ve been on the lookout for one of these possibly since we got married, but I was looking for something less industrial and not those ones with a tiny tealight candle to keep it warm (come on now, man). I see it as such a great social appliance to use with friends. Initially, we used to do waffle nights when we got married, but soon after gave up on the machine because it was just too difficult to clean (word of advice, if you’re buying a waffle machine get one with removable plates). Recently my friend inherited this flapjack machine, which has been a great hit, but she’s moving to Joburg soon. Sad face. So I’m thinking chocolate or cheese fondu is the perfect Saturday night event. I mean, if there’s food involved, how can it not be?


I’m salivating just thinking about this…


3. A Pasta Machine

The truth is, I don’t need to make fresh pasta. I’m perfectly happy with Fatti’s & Moni’s store bought stuff. But guys, ravioli. It’s one of my favourite foods and you just can’t get it kosher anywhere in Cape Town. So obviously, I need to make my own. This one you see, Greg has somewhat warmed up to. Thankfully we still have plenty wedding vouchers, so it just includes some research as to how well my fresh ravioli pockets would freeze.

Pasta pockets of deliciousness.

Pasta pockets of deliciousness.


Does anyone have any of these random appliances? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I think I may have convinced Greg on the pasta machine though… and obviously, Ive already pinterest-ed ravioli recipes and googled how well they freeze (which is very well, if you were wondering).

Basically, I’m just gonna get fat, right?


3 comments on “3 useless kitchen appliances I just have to have

  1. Kirsty says:

    Lee, my parents have two amazing cast iron fondue sets that are lit with paraffin. We either fill them with oil or, more recently due to father’s health kick, broth and cook meat and veg in them. It’s such fun and so delicious.

    • I am 100% buying one (after the pasta machine). But I was thinking to keep it milk so we can do cheese or chocolate fondue. Oh goodness, my tastebuds already…

      • Kirsty says:

        I think the cheese and chocolate ones are lighter anyway, this is basically a pot. It’s heavy and used for real cooking. Great purchase though, my parents use theirs fairly regularly.

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