Project 365: Week 2

I’ve done it – I’m two weeks in!

It seems to be a little easier now. Some days I’m just like whatever-let-me-throw-this-on, other days I try new “creative” things and don’t really like what I’m seeing, and other days I occassionally stress about what-am-I-going-to-wear-that-looks-good-for-this-project-thing. I’d be lying if I said this project was completely effortless.

But so far, so good I think. The next milestone will be 1 month, can’t wait – it’s coming up soon!

It’s interesting to see that I haven’t worn the same scarves as often as I think I do, and definitely not in the same style. I’m totally trying more of this hanging-on-the-side look, which I only used to wear with a couple of scarves. It’s growing on me a little bit.

Side note: if you haven’t noticed, I’ve made my little blog a Facebook page for those who like to keep up with their blog reading via Facebook. You can just click the like button on the box to your right. On that page I’ve also made a nifty little app that will display all my Project 365 images (do me a favour and check it out on your phone, it looks super sexy). So please show my Facebook page a little love if you like reading my blog or would like to keep following my 365 project for the next 350 days (which you can also follow on my instagram)

Have a great week, everyone!


2 comments on “Project 365: Week 2

  1. These are so gorgeous! And this is such a great idea! So excited to read more about your blog! Thanks for sharing!

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