Reindeer cupcakes & my first Christmas experience.

As it is with the “Festive Season” coming up, it’s normal for your December office time to be intercepted with Christmas parties. the big company one was held last Friday, but I couldn’t make that, so we had a smaller more intimate team party yesterday afternoon.

We basically hosted a Christmas lunch at my boss’ house, complete with turkey, roast veggies, gravy and potatoes. Everyone contributed a little bit and made a different part of the meal. Apparently, that’s exactly what Christmas smells like, but to me it just smelled like Shabbos (I mean, we do big meals like this every week – Sjoe!)

It was really lovely and festive, and I learnt a lot of unofficial “rules”: ie do not reveal your Secret Santa and that you have wear the paper crowns that come in the crackers (and the fact that in each cracker you get a joke – which needs to be shared with the table, said paper hat, and your little prize). Lots of learning. I also learnt that Love Actually is actually considered a Christmas movie and that Michael Buble sings Christmas songs the best.

I can’t take credit for the pictures (thanks Robynne!) but don’t we look like a lovely little family?

My contribution were the loveliest little Rudolf the Reindeer cupcakes. You know when you find something on Pinterest and when you make it yourself it’s an epic fail? I’m so glad to say that they were AWESOME!

I’m so proud, I even made a gif. One day I might grace you with my super(not-so)-secret super delicious cupcake recipe (for cupcakes, not for gifs).

It was a lovely afternoon spent with colleagues. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out the office (especially during office hours) and just hang out. It’s so nice to work in a team, and such a great team at that. So thank you all for my first Christmas party, it will sure be one to remember.


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