Yuppiechef’s Simple Summer Cookathon

Greg and I really love entertaining. It’s funny to think that once upon a time neither of us could boil an egg or pasta (alright, that may have just been me), and now we host Shabbos dinners and birthday parties – we sure have come along way to say the least. You’ve heard me talk about Yuppiechef before (come now, you dont know about Yuppiechef by now?), and recently they announced the menu for this years cookathon, something they apparently do every year. It was news to me but I was pretty keen to take part!

How does the cookathon work?

Yuppiechef provide you with a menu, and it gives you the fabulous excuse to throw a dinner party. We invited friends, and bought the ingredients without even batting an eyelid! Things did get a little bit complicated, as my gran passed away that week, so we almost cancelled, changed the date, friends couldn’t make it – so it resulted in a lovely late-night dinner date for Greg and I. Experimenting in the kitchen, that’s pretty fun (and only a husband as wonderful as Greg could put up with my crazies). Also, on the 5th night of Channukah, it really made a perfect evening (I mean, I just love Channukah). Nothing wrong with that.

So without further ado, the menu:

For starters: Avo, melon, nut brittle and rocket salad.

So crisp, so fresh, so summery. OK, so we didn’t have time to make the brittle and bought peanut brittle instead, which obviously we forgot to add… but that dressing was so delicious, we absolutely can’t wait to make it again. Please take note that my husband loves me so much that he agreed to cut the watermelon into star shapes because I insisted it would taste better.

For mains: Classic wild mushroom risotto

Risotto is something we only recently discovered. It’s one of those things you can’t get at any of the kosher restaraunts here, so we kind of had to make it ourselves. And we love mushrooms. And this cheesy, mushroomy, warm goodness in your mouth… delicious. Apologies for the lack of photos for this course, as the middle course the kitchen got quite busy around this time.

For dessert: Chocolate pudding and strawberry swirl ice cream

OK, chocolate pudding, I thought. That’s nice. Nice?! No way. That little tub of chocolate goodness was the most delightful thing to ambush my tastebuds. And that ice-cream?? OK, I seriously can’t wait to make this again! I actually prefer them a little undercooked so the inside is practically raw. Yum.

Zero points for food styling as after the week we had and only being able to do this late at night, asethtics kind of got lost among the need to eat. But guys, we had so much fun. Even when it landed up being just the two of us. (Probably, because it landed up being just the two of us). I think Greg and I should plan dinner parties for two more often, and not just “dinner”. I’m already planning when we’re going to be making that salad and dessert again. Thank you Yuppiechef for all the fun, as usual 🙂


3 comments on “Yuppiechef’s Simple Summer Cookathon

  1. Sefira says:

    How did you wrap your red scarf?

  2. […] as a lot more exciting than I expected), I won a Yuppiechef voucher from taking part in their Simple Summer Cookathon. You can read the winner roundup here (see, they loved Greg’s star shaped watermelon. I knew […]

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