4 things I’m looking forward to doing on the Garden Route.

We’re finally going on holiday tomorrow, driving up to Knysna along the Garden Route for a week! I don’t know if I could be more excited. We have wine packed, copious amounts of meat for braaing, vegetables for Africa and 4 geared car to get us there šŸ˜› It’s funny because for the greater part of the last 7 or so years I’ve spent along the Garden Route. Usually I would be running a camp in Mossel Bay, and a couple of times I’d been with my family on holiday in the Wilderness or driving the whole route down to PE.

I never understood people who went to the same place year after year, but if you’re like us, you’re going to find different things to do on each trip! Here are some of the things that I can’t wait to do!

1. Knysna Elephant Park


I don’t know why, but I have the maddest urge to ride an elephant. On a school trip with Greg at the last school he worked, we got to walk with, touch and feel elephants (which I totally recommend if you’re not into riding one), but I’m justĀ dying to ride on one. People just say I should go to Thailand, but I don’t see myself there in the near future, so why not just do it now?

For more info visit the Knysna Elephant Park website. Bookings are required.

2. Beaches

The truth is, Knysna doesn’t have it’s own beach so either way it’s a little bit of a drive but nothing tragic. It’s all part of the roadtrip experience, right? We loved Buffelsbaai last year, and can’t wait to check out Noetzie (pictured above. Can you even believeĀ  those astles?!)Ā as well as beaches further out like Plett and the Wilderness.

3. Picnic at the Jubilee Creek

We’re huge picnic fans. So the Jubilee Creek looks like the perfect spot. Forest, grass, a little creek to put your feet in. It looks lovely. And you can also braai there. I definitely want to try check this place out if we have time. For more info, check this link.

4. Boating along the Keurbooms River


Well, if you don’t own a boat to take out to see when the feeling strikes, you may as well grasp the opportunity when you’re on holiday. I’ve done this before, but never just Greg and I, and I think it would be so much fun. Sea, boat, picnic, sun, and trying not to get stuck in the sandbanks.

These are some of the things I’m looking forward to doing, but I don’t want to plan theĀ entireĀ holiday. It’s a time for relaxing, not strategic planning. There are so many more places to visit and activities to do, perhaps I’ll do a round up in the near year. For now, all I want to do is lie on the beach far away from bustling Cape Town.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Bring on 2014!


Project 365: Week 3

Sometimes I come out at the end of the week thinking “phew, can’t believe I made it!”. Some days are easier than others I guess with this whole matching thing, and trying to be creative and different thing.

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I hope you all have a great Festive Season week. Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating.

3 useless kitchen appliances I just have to have

I feel like I’ve become a bit of an appliance collector. Can you believe that we have 2 toasted cheese machines (meat and dairy), 4 hand blenders, 2 food processors (diff sizes), a waffle machine, an electric scale, an electric frying pan… just to name a few among the normal (not to mention our air fryer, steamer, 4 slice toaster…). These were all wedding gifts, and we actually have some that we haven’t even opened. I know right? Ridiculous.

Yet there are certain appliances I amĀ itchingĀ to buy. I have informed Greg of these urges, most of which he has artfully brushed aside. Also, he says he doesn’t want to get fat. Apparently before I came into the picture he never used to eat cakes and cupcakes etc. Darn, all my fault, clearly.

1. A Donut Machine

IT all started when I saw the glorious donut pan available on Yuppiechef. I was sold on them (they’re currently sitting in my cart, waiting for me to decide if I’ll ever purchase them), until I realised that you can buy actual machines. I figured this would be less mess, and because I’m sometimes a little lazy, this could only be the better option. In my mind I’m already imagining warm, delicious homemade (kosher) donuts, different flavours, different glazes… and it would make an impressive Shabbos dessert. Guys, I’m always about impressive Shabbos desserts.


Glaze and SPRINKLES!

They’re probably better in theory. I’m pretty sure I’d make a mess of them either way.

2. A Fondu Set

I’ve been on the lookout for one of these possibly since we got married, but I was looking for something less industrial and not those ones with a tiny tealight candle to keep it warm (come on now, man). I see it as such a great social appliance to use with friends. Initially, we used to do waffle nights when we got married, but soon after gave up on the machine because it was just too difficult to clean (word of advice, if you’re buying a waffle machine get one with removable plates). Recently my friend inherited this flapjack machine, which has been a great hit, but she’s moving to Joburg soon. Sad face. So I’m thinking chocolate or cheese fondu is the perfect Saturday night event. I mean, if there’s food involved, how can it not be?


I’m salivating just thinking about this…


3. A Pasta Machine

The truth is, I don’t need to make fresh pasta. I’m perfectly happy with Fatti’s & Moni’s store bought stuff. But guys, ravioli. It’s one of my favourite foods and you just can’t get it kosher anywhere in Cape Town. So obviously, I need to make my own. This one you see, Greg has somewhat warmed up to. Thankfully we still have plenty wedding vouchers, so it just includes some research as to how well my fresh ravioli pockets would freeze.

Pasta pockets of deliciousness.

Pasta pockets of deliciousness.


Does anyone have any of these random appliances? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I think I may have convinced Greg on the pasta machine though… and obviously, Ive already pinterest-ed ravioli recipes and googled how well they freeze (which is very well, if you were wondering).

Basically, I’m just gonna get fat, right?

A short life update on little things that don’t get their own blogpost

Phew. Where has the time gone? Can it really be almost theĀ endĀ of December already?

I’d like to say life has been all sorts of busy, but it hasn’t really, and I think it just hasn’t left me with as much time to blog as I’d like. My lunch break just doesn’t seem to be long enough to get anything done, resulting in tons of half-written blog posts sitting in my drafts waiting to be finished and hopefully one day published.

Work reallyĀ hasĀ been busy though. For the last week or so I don’t think I’ve stopped much between 8 and 5 (except to eat, because eating is important.) Actually, last Friday was so busy I didn’t have a moment to think about food. We’ve got campaigns starting left-right-and-centre. and while I’m not sure who usually does that so close to the end of the year, well, actually, clearly I do know. So work has really been busy, busy, busy – and I’ve only been here 2 months! Don’t know what I’d do without my team though. My parents said to me I’m so lucky to always have such nice colleagues in the work place, and they’re really right.

So I haven’t even had a chance to upload anything since my weekly photo update of my 365 project. It’s going pretty well, and I’m kind of proud of it. I’ve been connecting with a whole lot of women all over the internet who cover their hair, it’s really quite something. You don’t realise how quickly communities can form. The designer on our team actually came to chat to me about my project, and gave me some advice – which was really nice and appreciated. So I think I’m going to try out some of what she suggested šŸ™‚ I just don’t want it to be the focus of my little blog, so I need to be a little more proactive on the writing part. Don’t want to be losing followers or anything.

Last night we went to see an 80’s tribute show with my parents. It was really fun. Another thing I plan on writing an actual blog post about. I hope it happens (and that I actually remember the songs so I can tell you!)

I’ve also come up with a blog idea that I plan on doing with my best friend. I’ve set it up, but that’s just about all there is right now. I’m really hoping to get it up in the next week or so (providing I find time). I think it’ll be such a fun project to work on together considering we live in separate cities šŸ™‚

In more exciting news: we’re going on holiday next week! Isn’t it strange how you wait an entire year for a short 1 week break? We’ll be going to Knsyna along the Garden Route. We did go there last year, but it was lots of beach time and exploring. This time we’re doing our research a bit better and actually going to look in advance for some of the cool things to do. Don’t worry, it’s in one of those blog posts in my drafts folder. It’ll get out eventually.

(See, I just had to take a break now for work.)

InĀ otherĀ exciting news (my not-so-exciting life is coming across as a lot more exciting than I expected), I won a Yuppiechef voucher from taking part in their Simple Summer Cookathon. You can read the winner roundup here (see, they loved Greg’s star shaped watermelon. I knew it was worth it). Guys, I really didn’t think we’d win anything. After the week we had, leaving out an ingredient, and throwing a date night instead of a dinner party, I was super happy to receive a R500 voucher for my favourite online store.

That’s all the news I really have. Well, for now anyway šŸ™‚

Project 365: Week 2

I’ve done it – I’m two weeks in!

It seems to be a little easier now. Some days I’m just like whatever-let-me-throw-this-on, other days I try new “creative” things and don’t really like what I’m seeing, and other days I occassionally stress about what-am-I-going-to-wear-that-looks-good-for-this-project-thing. I’d be lying if I said this project was completely effortless.

But so far, so good I think. The next milestone will be 1 month, can’t wait – it’s coming up soon!

It’s interesting to see that I haven’t worn the same scarves as often as I think I do, and definitely not in the same style. I’m totally trying more of this hanging-on-the-side look, which I only used to wear with a couple of scarves. It’s growing on me a little bit.

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Have a great week, everyone!

A Designer Dad says some pretty weird things to his kids – and illustrates them.

Parenting seems like such a ride. Sleepless nights, babies screaming, emotions (the good and bad variety), lots of laughter and happy moments. Basically, a huge conglomerate of every emotion imaginable. While I’m pretty far from parenthood right now, I can only imagine the type of crazies kids make you feel (and ultimately think and say).

So when I came across this postĀ this morning, I knew I had to share it. Also,Ā it’s been a while since I posted some design-y stuff and I’ve kinda missed it. Ā Nathan Ripperger, the father of 4 boys is a new type of legend.Ā (The 4 boys thing kind of has to explain the crazies)

Oh boy, parenting seems likeĀ allĀ sorts of fun.

Designer-Dad_Don'tLickMyArm Designer-Dad-1 Designer-Dad-2 Designer-Dad-3 Designer-Dad-4 Designer-Dad-6 Designer-Dad-7 Designer-Dad-9

My personal favourite: “Don’t lick my arm! That’s what weird kids do.”

Way to put the example out there, dad šŸ˜‰