The coincidence 1 year before our wedding. An Improv Everywhere Mass Freeze.

So I got into work this morning and found a very funny video on my newsfeed:

You’d know by now about my extreme relationship with all things Harry Potter, so you wouldn’t be surprised to hear I was laughing out loud at my desk (and I’m a) not a big youtuber, and b) not a big laugh-out-loud-er during youtube videos). Poor Harry, unable to find the right station platform. So my boss piped up asking if I was alright (because obviously, something must be hysterical) and when I told him we realised we had a shared love for Improv Everywhere.

The discussion reminded me of an Improv Everwhere Mass Freeze arranged in Cape Town a couple of years ago around the Design Indaba time (one of my favourite times of year), which Greg and I took part in. So I went to google for the video (watch it, you’ll spot us quite clearly):

And noted the date:


1 year to the day of our wedding. We were even far from being engaged at that point.

So in essence, this blog post holds no greater purpose other than to share this random instance, which makes me smile albeit having absolutely no relevance.

And now that that’s out the way, I suggest you watch some of these videos:

And now there’s your youtube quota for the week (or day, depending who you are).

and for extra laughs:


Happy Tuesday 🙂


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