Nova at Virgin Active (and the sad realisation of not being able to touch your toes)


I just tried yoga and pilates this morning all smushed into one. I tried a class called Nova at the gym today. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, never having tried either of its components (if that’s how we’ll refer to them). I also went alone. Yes, alone. That’s a biggie. Going to a class on your lonesome, to something you’ve never tried and you know that at some point you’ll have your bum high in the air.

I wish I was as flexible as this puppy. Knowing I was going to a yoga/pilates hybrid thing I was expecting some  of this:Yoga-Vs-Pilates-Yoga

And maybe even some of this


To be honest, there was quite a lot of the former and none of the latter. When I first joined the gym (somewhat reluctantly), convinced by my then-boyfriend (who is now my husband. See, happy endings in abundance) and to this day our workouts have also been pretty standard: a weights routine followed by some cardio (for a while we did the circuit after we’d missed gym for like a month “to ease back into it”). We used to do kick-boxing classes which used to be a laugh: between my lack of breath (the old ladies at the back could keep up better than I could) and Greg’s complete lack of coordination, it was at least a fun(ny) experience.

Some blogger friends suggested I try spinning with them, but yoh, that much cardio? I think I might die. And no-one wants to be the person in a 45 minute class who has to walk out (and knowing me, it would be from the back). No, that would be terrible. So I went to have a look at the schedule and found Nova. I’d heard it had started recently and had been kinda keen to try. So I found a class that fits perfectly into my routine (ie, it ends by 7:15) and… I went.

It was lots of mat work. I think it was mostly stretching type of things, but goodness, it’s been a couple hours and my shoulders are already hurting. I thought it was more of a “relaxation” thing, but it really was much more of a muscle thing (my googling skills tell me yoga is the relaxation one, and pilates targets muscles more), so it was a pretty nice combo. The saddest realisation of the class: I may just be the only person who cannot touch their toes. Not while sitting, or standing, or balancing on one foot. I seem to be as flexible as a wooden spoon.

Going to gym regularly (or fairy regularly anyway) this isn’t something I’d do every day as my excersize. I actually really wish I had the time to do both, but 5:30 is already early enough to be waking up.  Nevertheless, I think I’m going to keep this up for my Friday mornings. It was a relaxing way to work up a little bit of a sweat and stretch your muscles in the good way. I’m in a little bit of pain already, but I’ll have to let you know tomorrow if it really hurts 😉


Thanks Virgin Active, that was fun! I think I’m going to be adding more classes to my gym routine. Find out more about Nova at your local Virgin Active gym here.


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