Instagram Roundup

We all have voyeuristic (read: stalker) tendencies, so I’m sure you don’t really mind getting this peak into my life. This instagram edition includes food (yum), some magic (awesome!) and, well, you’ll have to scroll and see.

Our baby, our deepfreeze

Starting to fill our deep freeze 🙂

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We’ve decided to keep her! And she’s slowly getting filled with deliciousness. See my challah’s all the way down in the bottom – yay – no more musical food being played in our kitchen 🙂


Vida Break

Post exams Vida break 🙂

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Greg and I went celebrating the fact he finished exams with a Vida frio. Yum. (Later we also went for a cocktail at the One & Only at the Waterfront). That day also inspired this blog post about relationships, which a lot of people seem to enjoy/relate to.


Rissotto love.

Tomato, chicken and pea risotto. Such much delicious on my plate!

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Rissotto is a dish we’ve tried making recently. You can’t get them at kosher restaurants so I had to resort to making myself. This chicken, tomato and pea rissotto was all sorts of delicious.


Oh, Magicians.

This is how magicians procrastinate while studying. He’s very particular in noting that he didn’t make this trick up, so here’s to just letting the universe know. But for the record, Greg is super talented.


Burn, baby, burn (ouch).

Awkward neck burn in this dress #backwardsselfie #inception

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So I got a little bit burnt not so long ago. And then again over the same area. I did forget while getting dressed that morning, resulting in this glorious tan. Summer is clearly on her way.


A baked, what?

A baked alaska. I think it’s because it’s like an igloo. I made this for dessert this past shabbos. It has a chocolate sponge cake base, raspberry (parev) ice cream and toasted merengue on top. You cover the ice cream in merengue and it insulates the ice cream when you put it in the oven. Nifty, right? (and delicious.)


I hope you all have an amazing week 🙂


3 comments on “Instagram Roundup

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    now i want baked alaska!

  2. […] there seemed to be much fanfare regarding the dessert I posted yesterday, which I made for Friday night. It was a baked alaska, looked very impressive and was actually […]

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