If Harry Potter had Instagram (not only for the nerds and the young at heart)

I was a huge Harry Potter nerd growing up. I probably wouldn’t have admitted it back then, you didn’t admit to being a “nerd” at age 12 (social suicide, and totally uncool). To put things in perspective, I began the Harry Potter series in grade 5 (the same day we found out my mom was pregnant with my baby brother. I needed to be soothed by this news, and this book I’d been waiting to try certainly worked).

Aside for devouring the books I distinctly remember showing up to the “About Me” show-and-tell vibe in grade 6 with a poster I’d made (including scanned covers of the books and a quiz I had written). In grade 7 I arrived on the first day with a space case decorated in Harry Potter movie stills, had seen the first movie (which had been released over the holidays) at least 10 times (sadly, I could quote it), and had read the first 4 books over 8 times each. I was even one of those lame-o’s waiting in midnight queues for book releases. It’s kind of weird reading and typing all this out, more than 10 years later.

As proof, see my bedroom when I was 12, at the hype of the first film.harry-potter-bedroom

(note the banners, the many posters, my homemade poster, the floating darn candles, and chocolate frog cards for good measure)

Andย now that you have the basic background of my love, and how I grew up with Harry Potter (the last book was released in Matric), you might be able to understand why I found this Buzzfeed article so fantastic. I know it’s all movie still (please, movie haters, back off), but just imagine. Imagine if the movies had been released in this age, and the awesome instagram campaigns they could have run, like the Hunger Games do.

Have a look, and smile ๐Ÿ™‚

harry-instagram01 harry-instagram02 harry-instagram03 harry-instagram04 harry-instagram05 harry-instagram06

While buzzfeeding, I also found this (see them all at this link), which is so true and relevant (to life, and this blog post). Enjoy.

harrylove01 harrylove02 harrylove03


2 comments on “If Harry Potter had Instagram (not only for the nerds and the young at heart)

  1. wannabepoet says:

    I was a Harry Potter nerd, and I committed social suicide by proclaiming it to anyone within my near presence lol – awesome post ๐Ÿ™‚

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