6 Crafts I’d Make If I Had a Printer

I wrote a post a while ago about a bunch of “grown up things” that I wanted, yknow considering I was married, working, earning a salary and all. I’m sad to say that I still haven’t gotten any of these things 😦 Which kicked me into gear. I am going to buy a deep freeze. I know it’s lame and domestic, but I really think it will change my/our life/lives. I actually going with my dad this weekend to have a look at some while Greg studies.

One of the other things I want and am yet to buy (and am thinking of buying on this same excursion with my dad) is a printer. You don’t realise how useful these menial things are until you don’t have one. I don’t even have university assignments that need printing, but sometimes you just need/want something printed. A birthday card? Something pretty off the internet? A reference? A recipe (goodness, how many photos of the computer screen can I actually take!)? I keep coming across beautiful printables on Pinterest that I just really want to make use of. I mean they are free and beautiful. I’m just missing one simple ingredient…

Anyway, have a look at some of the beautiful crafty things that I could make/do/have if I had a printer. Well, you could too, hence the sharing. Thank you pinterest in any case for providing these beauties.

1. Recipe Cards:

There are so many of these up on the internet (and pinterest is where you’ll find them easily). If you knew me, you’d know that I cook and keep (photos of) recipes on my phone. While it is handy, it kinda gets annoying when your screen goes off all the time (as they do, yknow.)


2. Pretty Packaging for gifts and stuff

There are so many free craft templates for cool things to package on the internet. And really, who spends money on gift bags anyway? If you’re crafty (and have a printer) you won’t.

(links 1, 2, 3)

3. Wrapping paper (also for gifts)

Again if it’s a small gift – I’d much rather user this type of stuff as wrapping paper. It looks cooler. DIY heaven.

(Link 12)

4. Cards (I feel I obviously like peoples birthdays…)

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like buying cards. They’re usually very expensive and you can find cool free ones online that much better relate to the person you’re giving it to. I likes some DIY so I write a card on coloured paper and add some stickers or something, but if I had a printer I could use some of these. It’s a pretty simple craft

(Link 1, 2)

5. Wall Art

When you’re renting and you can’t just paint the walls any colour you like, sometimes you have to settle with some temporary art. The great thing about printables is that a) they’re free, b) they’re temporary, so you can change them when you get a little bit bored because you didn’t pay a fortune anyway. Guilt potential – removed. I especially love these kitchen inspired ones. I should really design my most used recipes into posters. What a win.


Brownie Recipe printable

(Link 1, 2)

6. Organising documents (because sometimes, we’re all just headless chickens)

Meal plans, shopping lists, blog calendars… Would I even use these, who knows? But I’d like to have the option at least. I particularly love this blog editorial calendar from one of my fav blogs, Indieberries (Hi Che!). But hey, no printer.

(Link 1, 2)

And just because I cannot help but share, this is one of my favourite random printables that can’t not make you smile (hello double negatives)


There are so many more wonderful things for keeps (and free!) on the interwebs. I’ve saved a small collection of things myself, you can see the rest at my pinterest board here 🙂 Have a happy weekend, everyone!


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