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It’s been such a long time since I posted something with pictures. Everybody loves looking at pictures. So many of my recent post were just thoughts and musings, that I didn’t have anything to add. So I figured why not do an instagram update – and here it is:

This instgram just makes me smile. I was having a down day at work and Greg came to visit me. He didn’t seem to like my Cosmopolitan Calendar of semi naked men (which in my defence, came with an issue he bought me) and decided to write funny things all over them.

Catching a spot of sunshine after the last few days of disastrous weather.

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Sometimes you just need to get out. This Sunday we went for a delicious, yet highly priced brunch and decided to take a quick stroll through the Company Gardens. We used to go for walks and hang out here quite often. In fact, it’s actually the very place that Greg and I “officially” started dating (though we’re not quite sure anymore of the exact bench we were sitting on)

My magician husband hard at work doing what he does best.

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My +1 is a very talented magician. So I just snapped this pic of him doing his thang. You wish you could watch him, this guy will blow your socks off.

I was having a sad day at work a while back (it was largely due to making decisions of to switch jobs or not) and I took a walk during lunch and decided to blow some money on girly things I didn’t need. After buying a make-up brush, I can almost actually put on eye shadow. A momentous occassion.

Seaside strolls.

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As summer is on it’s way, I want to try take advantage of the longer days and the lovely weather. This was an artsy shot I took on a promenade walk one evening. How lucky we are to live a stone’s throw away.

I think I have a new favourite nailpolish.

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I love, love, love this nailpolish colour.

First morning gym sesh of the season. Bring it!

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So I’ve gotten back into this gymming thing (aside for a slight lapse with this whole new job thing). So this was a picture to prove it, and to remind myself I need to keep at it. I promise not to be one of those people who tweet gym stuff all the time. Promise.

My very special "family" #bestfriends #personaljokes

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This is just a very special memory. Shared with special friends. I wish I could explain the personal joke to you, but I won’t – just to save someone’s dignity a little 😉

I’m currently living the “single life” while Greg is studying for exams. I’m really enjoying the time I have to myself and all the series I’m getting to watch. Although I’m a little sad I’ve almost run out of Pretty Little Liars again.

Mini broccoli and feta quiche! #lunchtime

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I whipped these up the other day: broccoli and feta quiches. Broccoli is my new absolute favourite vegetable. I can;t get enough of it. And to think I never touched it for 23 years of living! I know, right? Bonus: It’s super healthy too. So at least I’m winning.

Feel free to follow me on instagram, folks: @leelipman89


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