Some “late night” blogging.

I don’t know when I became the person who is happily in bed at 9pm.

(Side note: I wrote this up last night, but wordpress was giving me probems. I decided to keep it all in the tense it was written in just to keep the “authenticity” of it. I dunno, I just needed to write stuff down on digital “paper”. So read away – and remember, this was written Monday night)

I’m feeling very tired today, and I didn’t really do all that much. Last week I decided I need to get myself back into gear with this whole gymming thing, I feel like I’ve really let myself go with this lack of exercise (I actually cannot spell that word, I have to use spellcheck every time) thing. So my mornings are starting earlier than ever before, I never even got up this early to go to school.

And after getting into a routine I need to rework it, because I started a new job today. I start a little earlier which means I need to leave the gym a little earlier too. It was only the first day, but I am exhausted. It’s a little hard from knowing exactly what you’re meant to be doing day in, day out, to not really having a clue, and having a lot to read and research before you can prove yourself as functional. I didn’t even do much, but the amount of information you have to take in, and all the adjustments that need to take place – I guess they really can take their toll.

And here I am typing at 9:30pm on a Monday evening.

In other news, I’m kind of living the single life at the moment while Greg is focusing on exams. Not in the lonely way, but more in a this-is-rather-empowering kind of way. Like on Sunday I went shopping at Mr Price alone for a full hour. I tried on too many things. Went to the changing rooms a handful of times and walked the aisles more times than I have fingers and toes combined. I was in no rush. (Shame, that’s not to say Greg rushes me, he’s ever so patient. Sometimes it’s just nice to do things alone, and I don’t remember when I did it last. I usually prefer to do things in Greg’s company).

My new found singledom has also freed up some time to catch up on series. I’ve given up on half the shows I used to watch while at university. I mostly just watch shows with Greg, which includes Survivor, Masterchef and a handful of comedies. I don’t really watch my own stuff anymore as I just don’t have time (or spend free time checking twitter. Ironic for a community manager, no?). So recently I downloaded a missing season of Pretty Little Liars. I forgot how much I absolutely love this show. I’ve spent many hours in bed, with hot soup, just devouring the episodes. I guess it’s a nice change. Though I’m starting to feel guilty I haven’t read a book in a while…

Now I’m back in the present present, at 8:20 on a Monday morning. At my new desk, at my new job. Let’s do another day.


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