A List of 10 Summer Firsts

It may not be summer quite yet, hell, it could just be spring that has sprung a month late, but it sure is starting to feel like Summer in beautiful Cape Town.


To celebrate this joyful weather, I thought I would share with your my summer firsts as of October 1st:

  1. Today is my first day not wearing stockings.
  2. It’s the first day I’m wearing sandals.
  3. It’s finally time to make the switch to summer pyjamas.
  4. Today I didn’t even bring a cardigan with me.
  5. Shorter sleeves, flowy skirts and summer dresses.
  6. Bare legs for the first time in months reminds me it’s time to moisturize.
  7. Summer means drinking full bottles of water. I started this yesterday.
  8. Morning gym sessions! (ok, my intention was to start that this morning, but the sun was still sleeping when my alarm went off. This is officially starting tomorrow.)
  9. Everyone in the office is in the loveliest mood. I’m telling you it’s the weather.
  10. When I walk from my car to work, I can really feel the heat of the sun on my skin. It’s delightful.

Let’s get real, this is Cape Town, so the joy could be temporary until Summer really hits. But hey, if that’s what it is, I’ll take it. What Summer Firsts have you experienced, or cannot wait for?


One comment on “A List of 10 Summer Firsts

  1. Greg Gelb says:

    Drank TWO bottles of water today!

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