Some Youtube videos you should watch. (Hint: they involve Disney)

For someone who works in Social Media, and spending plenty time on all social media platforms, I must admit that the one I just don’t have the patience for is youtube. Whaaat? I know, right. Weird. Partly, I’m too lazy at work to search for my earphones. Partly I don’t have the patience for the video to load. Or I simply just never get round to watching your video. So basically, it reallly needs to be good i I’m going to sit through the whole thing.

And I sat through 3 simultaneous youtube videos last night. I mean, that is more than one single video.

But I couldn’t help but dhare this greatness. It started with an innocent video on my Facebook timeline, and now I’ve gone and watched a whole bunch of these. As a Disney lover, these videos all base themselves around the music and characters. Seriously, go watch these. And then go watch all of Todrick Hall’s youtube videos.

Go on. Do it.

But start with these.

And for good measure, here are some of my other favourite Disney orientated youtube videos.

Do you have a favourite or a video you think I have to watch? Please send it my way!

Instagram Update

I justify my use of instagram by saying that one day I plan on actually printing them. It’s great that there are some really great and affordable services that actually print these little square vintage images. I also get a lot of comments from people (in real life) about how they know so much about my life because I’m always putting pictures online. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. If it counts, not all pictures go on all my social media platforms. There’s actually a thought process as to what goes on where. So if you’re friends with me on Facebook, chances are you haven’t seen most of these. Twitter on the other hand – sorry guys.

My baby

This is my new baby. My deep freeze. I love her dearly, but she’s giving us a bit of problems. Making a noise and all that. So we’re trying to work out what to do with her.


Yuppiechef, I love you.

I randomly won a free voucher on twitter from Yuppiechef. I was super amped (obviously) and quickly snapped up this cookie cutter set I’ve wanted for a while. I’m a big Yuppiechef fan, I bought the most incredible salt & pepper shakers with a wedding voucher, and it’s still a conversation starter. Especially love the personalised card – coincidence with the magic reference?


Homemade hummus for the win.

That is all.


I want presents too.

Greg’s brother has just gone on holiday to visit their cousins and travel and stuff, so we couldn’t not send gifts for the kids. 4 of them, 2 boys, 2 girls – all with very different interests. It was really fun shopping for them.


Now you see me

I have never been a girly girl, but recently I’ve started liking eye-shadow. I’d be lying if I told you I actually know how to apply it properly, but I just mess around for now. One day, I want to be able to do an uber sultry smokey eye. Send tutorials this way please.


I’m famous! (joking, not joking)

Greg buys me Cosmo magazine every month, and in the most recent issue – they published a tweet of mine! They edited it (I mean, who tweets like that?) but that’s ok. It was just a whole lot of articles about changing jobs and stuff which really put my mind at ease about this switch.


Wallpaper, wallpaper.

So in love with this wallpaper on a wall nearby me at work. What’s not to love?


Mini artist

My dad was clearly cleaning up old stuff at the house last night and sent me this picture I sent my mom. It’s pretty sweet. Until I saw at the bottom “from the werst person.” Shame, I wonder what I did.



Another beauty my dad sent me. I think I need to trawl my parents house and find old hilarious photos of myself. And now that our printer is also a scanner… Oh Lee-Ann, stop while you’re ahead.

Thanks for spotting by, guys 🙂 Feel free to follow me on my instagram too: @leelipman89 (I promise it’s not all food)

Looking back: our wedding stationery

A friend asked me to send her some files we used at our wedding last year and it had me looking over that “WEDDING” folder on my desktop. While initially my heart stopped beating when I saw the many excel spreadsheets entitled “seating plan” or “guests” split between Lipman and Gelb, I then found all the fun stuff. See, I designed all the wedding stuff and stationery (I guess you call it that) myself. Partly to save money, partly I didn’t really know what I wanted, partly… I don’t know, I just did it myself.

I wasn’t blogging back then, so none of this stuff made it onto the internet and the only people who saw it all were the 180 guests who were invited. So because it’s Thursday, and people do that whole “throwback Thursday” stuff, and I just decided that’s a good enough reason to share all this wedding paraphernalia, well, here you are.

The funny thing is, I cannot for the life of me find the invite to our engagement party. Which is sort of where it all began. I kind of designed it on a whim, with colours I got in an idea off the internet. A couple months down the line – and it happened to be the same colour scheme that worked it’s way through. Don’t know where the red/black/white thing came from. Maybe because I wanted things easy for my bridesmaids, in black dresses (with a pop of red). Somewhere along the lines the colours of playing cards came into the picture (Greg is a magician, if you didn’t know). I don’t know. And only recently am I discovering how dire my love for red is. It can’t be this normal. I wish I had photos of the actual invites, thank yous etc, but well, I really suck at using a camera (maybe I’ll intagram and amend this post later) but for now, you can have a squizz at the original undisturbed files 😉


I’ll be honest, I sorta love our Save the Dates, which we emailed out.


Our invite was double sided and printed on a silvery paper (so imagine all the white bits to be sparkly. I wanted a modern typography based invite, Greg said the invite was “his” thing and it needed to be traditional and “look Jewish”. So I did what I could and really like the result. We still have at least 50 copies, anyone want one? (by the way, those sqiggles – are our names in Hebrew.)


These were our table numbers, going through 1 – 18, each with a diffirent picture of Greg and I during the time we dated. These were displayed in picture frames which I spray painted silver. They became the perfect frames to give my bridesmaids as gifts with a picture of us inside.


Instead of a guestbook…


…we did those fill in the blank things. They’re displayed in a treasure chest type box in our lounge. Whenever we meet new friends we make them fill one in. For laughs of course.


I love how we used photographs of us throughout our wedding stationery, so our thank you had to be the same. Our photos were so beautiful also, how could we not use them? I wish I knew where those chalkboards were though…

I loved our wedding ❤

But also incredibly happy the planning phases are behind me. Phew.

Update: 30 October 2013

I found the box which has all our wedding stuff in it last night while rearranging our living room. So I figured I’d show you the “real” copies. I think they look even better 🙂

If Harry Potter had Instagram (not only for the nerds and the young at heart)

I was a huge Harry Potter nerd growing up. I probably wouldn’t have admitted it back then, you didn’t admit to being a “nerd” at age 12 (social suicide, and totally uncool). To put things in perspective, I began the Harry Potter series in grade 5 (the same day we found out my mom was pregnant with my baby brother. I needed to be soothed by this news, and this book I’d been waiting to try certainly worked).

Aside for devouring the books I distinctly remember showing up to the “About Me” show-and-tell vibe in grade 6 with a poster I’d made (including scanned covers of the books and a quiz I had written). In grade 7 I arrived on the first day with a space case decorated in Harry Potter movie stills, had seen the first movie (which had been released over the holidays) at least 10 times (sadly, I could quote it), and had read the first 4 books over 8 times each. I was even one of those lame-o’s waiting in midnight queues for book releases. It’s kind of weird reading and typing all this out, more than 10 years later.

As proof, see my bedroom when I was 12, at the hype of the first film.harry-potter-bedroom

(note the banners, the many posters, my homemade poster, the floating darn candles, and chocolate frog cards for good measure)

And now that you have the basic background of my love, and how I grew up with Harry Potter (the last book was released in Matric), you might be able to understand why I found this Buzzfeed article so fantastic. I know it’s all movie still (please, movie haters, back off), but just imagine. Imagine if the movies had been released in this age, and the awesome instagram campaigns they could have run, like the Hunger Games do.

Have a look, and smile 🙂

harry-instagram01 harry-instagram02 harry-instagram03 harry-instagram04 harry-instagram05 harry-instagram06

While buzzfeeding, I also found this (see them all at this link), which is so true and relevant (to life, and this blog post). Enjoy.

harrylove01 harrylove02 harrylove03

Life as wife to a student during “exam time”

Exam time: a time of hibernation, recluse, and perhaps a little bit of Facebook procrastination if you can find the time. Now I’ve been out this whole student loop for 2 years now (boy, graduation and all those hours in the lab sure feel like many more moons ago), but that doesn’t mean it’s completely over for me. Aside for my friends (90% still students) who are far too busy to do any social plans, my dearest husband is also studying (he also holds a job at the same time). The plans are for these to be the last of his exams for his honours degree.

I found last year, our first “exam time” as a married couple, particularly difficult. I was lonely and bored, I felt Greg didn’t have time for me, we still tried to work around splitting the household chores, and tried to split Sundays so that he could study, but we could also go out. And he only had 2 exams. This year though (strangely), “exam time” has been almost painless. The irony? I spent time completely on my own, do most of the household work alone, go to sleep well before the night’s studying is over, spend Sundays doing my own thing and Greg has 4 exams, so it’s a lot more studying time he needs to dedicate.

Perhaps it was just being more prepared after last year, and knowing what to expect. Perhaps I’d just come to terms with it.

But I think that I’ve more than just accepted it. I actually want to do all these things. Why? Because I want Greg’s studying to be effortless (well, aside for the hours of studying). Now, this is his focus, and it’s not entirely fair for me to expect otherwise. I don’t want him to have to worry about dinner and dishes etc etc. So yes, every night I come home straight from work, make dinner and only finish everything I have to do at around 9pm (where I promptly get straight into bed).

I guess I’ve become less selfish. I was obviously a needier wife than I ever thought I was. I wasn’t annoying, but back then my “younger”, “newly-married” self clearly just didn’t get the balance (or how the lack of it was ok in that situation). I feel I get it now, and I think I’ve become a better wife from it. You know when you don’t realise how much you can change and grow, until you actually look back?

Instead of being upset about having to take care of dinner on my own every night, I do it without even thinking. Tables set and wine included. Instead of moping about being lonely, I’ve started to enjoy my own company more (and I’ve almost finished an entire season of Pretty Little Liars – I don’t remember when I last sat and watched a series of my choice). I don’t moan about going to bed early and alone, because I know I’m gymming early in the mornings, which is something want and will benefit from. Sundays? I can spend as long as I like leisurely shopping at Mr Price, visit my parents, slouch and do nothing… again, just enjoying my own company.

(Side note: I’m actually very good at enjoying my own company. My radio got ripped out of my car while I was a student, and I never got around to replacing it, so I spend many a morning/afternoon drive in my head. On Saturday afternoon I spent a good hour entertaining my own thoughts. On nothing in particular. Nothing stressful or “on my mind”, just following where my thoughts go and really enjoying the journey they took me on. Things I’m doing, excited for, want to cook, want to buy… it’s a fun activity, you should try it.)

The point of this isn’t really to be gushy about what a great wife I’ve been, or how much more housework I’m doing than usual, or how noble I am allowing Greg to study. The truth it’s only a few weeks of really hard-core studying. During the year when it’s not exam pressure, it’s a lot easier to find that work/university/home/life. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about, and it’s made me realised how much I’ve changed. How my priorities and my thinking on things have changed. It’s funny to think how “immature” or how “needy” (urgh, a word I’ve never associated myself with…) I clearly was. I guess everyone has their flaws, different phases, which always leave room for growth and change.

It’s always nice to notice yourself moving forward.


6 Crafts I’d Make If I Had a Printer

I wrote a post a while ago about a bunch of “grown up things” that I wanted, yknow considering I was married, working, earning a salary and all. I’m sad to say that I still haven’t gotten any of these things 😦 Which kicked me into gear. I am going to buy a deep freeze. I know it’s lame and domestic, but I really think it will change my/our life/lives. I actually going with my dad this weekend to have a look at some while Greg studies.

One of the other things I want and am yet to buy (and am thinking of buying on this same excursion with my dad) is a printer. You don’t realise how useful these menial things are until you don’t have one. I don’t even have university assignments that need printing, but sometimes you just need/want something printed. A birthday card? Something pretty off the internet? A reference? A recipe (goodness, how many photos of the computer screen can I actually take!)? I keep coming across beautiful printables on Pinterest that I just really want to make use of. I mean they are free and beautiful. I’m just missing one simple ingredient…

Anyway, have a look at some of the beautiful crafty things that I could make/do/have if I had a printer. Well, you could too, hence the sharing. Thank you pinterest in any case for providing these beauties.

1. Recipe Cards:

There are so many of these up on the internet (and pinterest is where you’ll find them easily). If you knew me, you’d know that I cook and keep (photos of) recipes on my phone. While it is handy, it kinda gets annoying when your screen goes off all the time (as they do, yknow.)


2. Pretty Packaging for gifts and stuff

There are so many free craft templates for cool things to package on the internet. And really, who spends money on gift bags anyway? If you’re crafty (and have a printer) you won’t.

(links 1, 2, 3)

3. Wrapping paper (also for gifts)

Again if it’s a small gift – I’d much rather user this type of stuff as wrapping paper. It looks cooler. DIY heaven.

(Link 12)

4. Cards (I feel I obviously like peoples birthdays…)

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like buying cards. They’re usually very expensive and you can find cool free ones online that much better relate to the person you’re giving it to. I likes some DIY so I write a card on coloured paper and add some stickers or something, but if I had a printer I could use some of these. It’s a pretty simple craft

(Link 1, 2)

5. Wall Art

When you’re renting and you can’t just paint the walls any colour you like, sometimes you have to settle with some temporary art. The great thing about printables is that a) they’re free, b) they’re temporary, so you can change them when you get a little bit bored because you didn’t pay a fortune anyway. Guilt potential – removed. I especially love these kitchen inspired ones. I should really design my most used recipes into posters. What a win.


Brownie Recipe printable

(Link 1, 2)

6. Organising documents (because sometimes, we’re all just headless chickens)

Meal plans, shopping lists, blog calendars… Would I even use these, who knows? But I’d like to have the option at least. I particularly love this blog editorial calendar from one of my fav blogs, Indieberries (Hi Che!). But hey, no printer.

(Link 1, 2)

And just because I cannot help but share, this is one of my favourite random printables that can’t not make you smile (hello double negatives)


There are so many more wonderful things for keeps (and free!) on the interwebs. I’ve saved a small collection of things myself, you can see the rest at my pinterest board here 🙂 Have a happy weekend, everyone!