Some thoughts and ramblings of late.

I feel like my heads been floating in the proverbial clouds recently. I’m not too sure, I just feel pretty unfocused and all over the place. And there’s just stuff going on.

I’m hosting a Murder Mystery birthday party on Sunday, somewhat belated, for my birthday (it’s because all my friends have university and this is the only time I can do it because they’re actually on vac – accommodating, right?). If I had more time to really think about it, I’d be super freaking excited. It’s next to impossible to find a free Murder Mystery online, let alone one for over 20 people. Once I’d surrendered to the fact that I’ll be paying for one, I went in search of the best  one I could afford.

I came across a great company and paged through all their different mysteries. I was so confused as to which one to choose I literally emailed them asking “Hi. I can’t decide between these mysteries. Please can you tell me which would be the most fun?”. They were so incredibly helpful and respond to my emails so quickly (including a time difference because they’re in the States). I’ve been super impressed with the quality of the file I downloaded. Now we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes! (I’ll be sure to blog about it. Well, hopefully)

Character bios, goals & objectives are ready for Sunday's Murder Mystery!

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Life is also super busy because September is practically “hell month” for a working Jew. All the High Holy days seem to be squished into September. Not that it would change much from year to year, because they’re always a week apart from each other. There really are just too many. You’d think God would have planned this stuff a bit better for religious humans of the future. Apparently not, and so here I am. Greg will be reading from the Torah and blowing what we call a Shofar (it’s a ram’s horn, please don’t ask me the details of how or why, I’m sure Rabbi Google will be able to explain). Even thinking about September exhausts me. Sjoe.

Casual Sunday morning. #myhusbandtherabbi #jokesnotreally

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Also, my dear friends who got married a few weeks ago – went back to Israel today. We went out last night for a little farewell dinner. I’m pretty sad about it. Having them here was like they never left South Africa in the first place, and it was great having extra married friends for a little while. Another friend who was working in Cape Town for the year with the Jewish agency is leaving soon, and it also breaks my heart because the two girls this year were like our family. Like my sisters. In recent years a lot of my friends have left Cape Town, and in January so many more will be doing the same. I’m really hoping that Cape Town won’t be getting lonely in the years to come. It kinda makes me sad thinking about it. We really love it here.

And on a totally random note: Greg collected my matric certificate recently (and I finished school a good number of fingers ago). It came with a full recommendation letter too, which really got me thinking about things. Hopefully I’ll find time to share those thoughts with you too.

This seems to be one of those posts where your fingers just do all the typing, and next thing you know, there’s a page of writing you don’t quite remember putting together. But I think that’s ok too sometime.


2 comments on “Some thoughts and ramblings of late.

  1. Tash Marais says:

    You MUST tell us about the party! Sounds awesome;)

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