When the mind is not at rest.

I had a really bad night’s sleep last night, and I haven’t been sleeping so great recently either. I’m really not sure why. I’ve also been waking up super early. I used to get heart failure when my alarm would go off at 7:40am, now I’m tossing and turning for an hour before at least. Sometimes even before Greg is awake, which can sometimes be as early as 6am. I’m not the person who ever has trouble falling asleep (I mean, Greg was laughing at me dozing over my book last night) and I’m not the person who can’t fall asleep because things are on my mind. But last night was just particularly disruptive. But these are a few things that I woke up thinking about:

  • The mess on my side of the bed has seriously piled up. Every time I woke up, tossing and turning, I told myself I can’t live like this and need to tidy up.
  • There was an sms I needed to send. So I’d periodically wake up reminding myself to do it. But who’s going to do that while they’re half asleep?
  • For some reason I woke up unsure what day it was. I was kind of hoping that it was actually Friday night/Saturday morning.
  • There’s an email in my inbox I need to reply to. I need to ask a question. It’s never nice when you’re not sure of the answer. Also, it will involve decisions. And I really don’t know what I’m meant to be doing.
  • My Murder Mystery birthday party. Greg seems to think it’s really simple, but somehow I’m the confused one. I guess that’s ok, because he’ll be running the night anyway.
  • I had a strange dream. I was in Israel. I was late. I was running around. And I was carrying food. It was one of those dreams that you almost didn’t remember, but something in the morning triggered the memory.
  • And on top of all that – there was general tossing and turning. And the fact that Greg was still in bed didn’t help either – I just knew again that it was way too early.

OK, maybe when it’s written down it’s not that much. But it’s more than enough to be on my mind through a night’s sleep. Can some of it go away now, please?

Greg is going with his family to see Rocky Horror tonight, so I get the night off to vegetate and do my own thing. To celebrate I’ve downloaded the rest of The Carrie Diaries which I never got to finish watching, and have also begun downloading the rest of Pretty Little Liars season 3. Sometimes I miss mindless vegetation, but seriously – who has time for that these day?

Either way: Here’s to a more restful night’s sleep.


One comment on “When the mind is not at rest.

  1. Greg Gelb says:

    “to celebrate” Haha I love you!

    Do what I do when I have things on my mind that I need to remember or concerns I have about something: Keep a pad of paper next to the bed with a pen and if you wake up in the middle of the night or can’t fall asleep because things are on your mind – write it down. It really helps!

    In fact I’m concerned your husband, who you praise so much about has never brought this method forward… might I suggest you klap him with a vrot fish?

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