A picture speaks a thousand words.

Isn’t it sad how these days, we walk around with our camera’s less, relying on our smartphones more, and being content with our memories living on our harddrives, cellphones or instagram. When did you last get some of your memories printed?

At the end of a long story, Greg and I had credit at a photo/camera store and decided it was time to use the opportunity to print some more pictures for our home. We received a massive frame for a collection of photos for our engagement, and I promise you we only filled it after our first anniversary. I bought Greg for his birthday last year, a beautiful frame with the word “memories” and space for 6 pictures. It’s sat on our wall unit for well over a year – empty.

One of my favourite wedding gifts were from a core group of university friends. It was a set of Live, Laugh, Love photo frames. I don’t care for all your haters of the sentiments, but my philosophy is you can never have enough photo-frames. Never have enough memories around your home. The greatest thing is that these girls actually filled the frames with pictures of us (Thank you Facebook, you make life so easy for people). We decided – enough – these photos need updating!

There's nothing quite like updating the photos in your home.

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It took us a year and a half to fill this frame!

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I guess there’s something so special about a printed photograph. You get to see it all over your home, and relive memories more than just looking at them on your computer. It’s funny, our wedding photographer’s package came with 100 prints. We didn’t really want them but he said they cost him so little, we may as well get them. We’ve kept them in the beautiful red box we got them in, and I’m so glad we have them. We didn’t get a wedding photo album done (don’t worry, I will still one day) so I’m thankful we have these hard copies to page through.

I love photos and I love memories. Greg and I were expert photo-takers and self-timer evangelists in the years we dated. Things have toned down since then, but I think after our weekend in Hermanus, maybe we’ll start taking more pictures again. We got a photobook voucher for our anniversary from his parents, because they knew we didn’t have a wedding album. We decided to make a book of the years we dated, which I think was such a good choice. We like to laugh at how young we look.

Our photobook has FINALLY arrived!! 😀 cc. @the_GregGelb

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As much as the wedding is a pivotal and beautiful day in your lives, it really is just one day. For me, I like having a handful of wedding pictures up, but I also like celebrating the fun and memories we’ve had as a married couple. So I’m so happy that we printed so many more pictures.

The truth is, it gets expensive to print masses of pictures sometimes. For that reason I’ve been in the process of creating a yearly photobook (note how it’s August 2013, and I haven’t yet sent our 2012 book in for printing). I think it’s such a great way to keep memories off your harddrive and a great way to increase your chances of picking them up off your coffee table for a bit of a browse.

I guess we’re lucky for our credit note at this store and that they didn’t just give us our money back – otherwise we probably would never have updated the pictures in our home. Now we’re just running out of places to put the pictures 😉 I don’t know if this all made sense, but it just made me really happy to have updated our frames with beautiful pictures and the thought of memories and photobooks.

I hope this inspires you to get some photos off your harddrive and onto your walls.


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