A weekend by the sea would be a grand idea.

Going away for a weekend is really such a treat, a treat that unfortunately we haven’t been able to take advantage of in 1.5 years of marriage. You see, Shabbos just comes in too early on a Friday for us to get anywhere out of town to go away. Factor in Friday-post-work-traffic, needing to shower and setting up food on a hot-tray, and you’d understand why we haven’t been able to do this. Long weekends (that start on a Friday) are really such a blessing.

We weren’t going to go away at all over the Women’s Day weekend (right before my birthday) and a week or so after we decided not to – Greg drops the bomb that he’s found us a nice little place in Hermanus. It sounded perfect. Shabbos, sea, whale watching, bits of exploring – we’d actually never been away for Shabbos before, so that in and of itself was exciting. Imagine compulsory relaxing time by the sea?

IMG_3440 IMG_3442 IMG_3444

We left midday on Friday and arrived many hours later due to emergency roadworks. Either way we did some last minute shopping (like when you forget to bring bowls and spoons for your soup…) and a little exploring in the shops. There was the loveliest old school type bookshop. Tons of classics, tons of old books, so many bookshelf it seemed like a maze – I wish I’d taken photos, but I was a bit nervous of the little old man at the front desk. Eventually we got to our little rented apartment and it was so perfect. A great size for 2, sea facing, a braai and so tastefully decorated for a seaside home!

IMG_3446 IMG_3448

We showered, the food was on the hot tray, we played rummikub and monopoly deal while we waited to eat dinner, we ate, I raved more about the wedding, we read (I finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, which is a seriously beautiful book. Again, my genre of “books that get made into movies”.) and eventually crashed while reading and went to bed at the grand hour of 10pm (I lie, it could have been earlier.)


Shabbos morning was the greatest ever. We woke up late, we lay in bed reading and napping and playing more games. Greg even spotted some whales while I was reading in bed, calling out “show off for me, baby” while he watched through his binoculars. I couldn’t help but giggle at this boy. Before lunch we took a walk down to the sea. I think it was one of my highlights of this little weekend. It was a complete break from life and the world. It was completely secluded and there was no distraction of cellphones or social media. Not even the temptation, as it’s kind of what we do every Saturday. It was utterly relaxing. It’s what I’m sure most people want from a getaway break, and go to remote locations without signal. We didn’t even need to try for that. It was like a super shabbos on steroids. I wish that everyone could experience such a break to really take the time and connect.

We sat on the balcony watching the sunset as we waited for Shabbos to come out. We braaied (always a luxury when you live in a flat), switched between watching Come Dine With Me, George of the Jungle and Footloose before reading, and bedtime. In the morning I woke up while the sun was still busy rising, and because we were up on the third floor, and level with the horizon I could still kind of watch the beautiful colours of the sunrise. I snuck out for a photo in the cold, and then got back in to bed and continued to watch the sun rise and the day begin with Greg from our bed. What a seriously special moment.

IMG_3455 IMG_3454 IMG_3453

On our way home we stopped at a lookout point, overlooking the sea, high up from the rocks. We picked a bench, looked out to the sea, and took plenty selfies (“I love taking photos like this, it reminds me of back when we were dating.” – Greg. I think this means we need to do it more often, fun things shouldn’t stop just because you’re married.). And we chatted of course, before we headed home. It was such a refreshing weekend and just the greatest time to just reconnect and absolutely hang out with my +1. If you’d like to stay at this little apartment we stayed at (we were in a 1 bedroom, but the owner has plenty bigger options) please get in touch with me so I can put you in touch.

Weekends away like this are things I hope we will be taking much more advantage of in the coming years. We might not be able to afford a big overseas trip quite yet, but these little trips will do. And hey, I kinda like exploring my backyard.

Cape Town, you beauty.

And what a lucky girl to have a guy like this to share it with.

IMG_3458 IMG_3473 IMG_3476 IMG_3477 IMG_3490 IMG_3492 IMG_3501 IMG_3502 IMG_3506 IMG_3508 IMG_3509 IMG_3511 IMG_3512

Here is to many more times of fun, exploring, enjoying each other’s company, and photo’s to document it all.


One comment on “A weekend by the sea would be a grand idea.

  1. […] evangelists in the years we dated. Things have toned down since then, but I think after our weekend in Hermanus, maybe we’ll start taking more pictures again. We got a photobook voucher for our anniversary […]

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