Wedding instagram roundup & Sheva Brachot!

It’s no secret that I had the greatest time at my friends’ wedding last week (and it wasn’t even due to all the wine on our table!). I took so many photos for the bride, a complete obsessor over photos. She took so many photos at our wedding that I could only return the favour (she even took my photos, edited all of them and uploaded them herself to Facebook. Which person wants that many notifications? Lisa of course.) I haven’t managed to take all the pictures off my phone, but here’s a roundup of the day via instagram (ok, I apologise that so many are of me and not just the bride):

Bridesmaid selfies!

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Me, my "hair" & gorgeous chrysanthemum.

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What a special bride this girl is!

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Wedding vibes. So much love in this room!

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Matching blue velvet wedding cupcakes!

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A beautiful wedding spent with beautiful friends!

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The bouquet toss from last nights wedding. Good job @nikkisteenkamer! 😉

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So after the wedding was done, us Jews, well, we like to continue the celebrations. Under the chuppah, as a part of the wedding ceremony 7 blessings are recited (directly translated to Sheva Brachot) and in the 7 days after the wedding it is customary to host the bride and groom, people who weren’t at the wedding and their friends/family for a meal where Sheva Brachot are recited again (after “benching” or the Grace After Meals).

We hosted a small, relatively intimate affair for their closer friends and had a Holy Bagels theme. No, it’s not that Jewish bagels are any holier than others, it’s just the name of a bagel joint in Israel (where Greg and I frequently picked up a cheap meal when we were there in June). Our “Holy Bagel” theme quickly translated to “heart vomit” where bagels were being served. It was really such a hit, and I was particularly impressed with my decorating skills. It’s no pinterest party, but it served the purpose perfectly.

Holy Bagel's themed Sheva Brachot. So romantic.

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Hosting Sheva Brachot for the newlyweds, Lisa & Shlomi.

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A variety of cheeses for our Holy Bagel themed night.

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We played a game which we played at Sheva Brachot when friends hosted us after our wedding. It involves having the newly weds sitting back-to-back with 2 shoes in their hand, one of their own, and one of their partners. They then get asked a series of questions: who will be taking out the garbage? Who will be stealing the duvet? Who will be doing the cooking? And they silently answer holding up the appropriate shoe. If they’re right – we move on to the next question. If they’re wrong – we give them a marshmallow, which they aren’t allowed to swallow until the end of the game. Lets just say that hilarity ensued.

The marshmallow/shoe game with Shlompi & Lisa!

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At the end of amazing Sheva Brachot for an amazing couple!

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I can’t not show off the cupcakes I made for dessert. I dont usually get baking very right. I normally mess up on icing, especially. But these: chocolate cupcakes, hollowed out using my cupcake corer, filled with Israeli chocolate, covered with some chocolate/vanilla coffee flavoured icing and topped with fondant rounds and some fancy Hebrew writing.

Mazal tov! (that's what it says there, in Hebrew)

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Phew, what a roundup. Lastly, I can’t help but show off the beautiful photos taken by the talented photographer who shot the wedding, Warren Williams. He just put up photo’s from the wedding today, and I’m somewhat in love.

lisa01 lisa02 lisa03 lisa04 lisa05 lisa06 lisa07 lisa08 lisa09 lisa10

How incredible?

I’m finding it incredibly difficult to come down from this wedding high – and I wasn’t even the one getting married! Keep an eye out for normal life: resuming soon. Sigh.


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  1. […] Israel inspired) with the option to toast them – and it went down really well (as it did the last time we hosted Sheva Brachot). It seems as though toasted sandwiches are total comfort food which people thoroughly enjoyed […]

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