What a night, what a wedding!

If you know one thing about me, it should be how much I love weddings. Unfortunately, they just don’t come often enough, but I’m so lucky to have been a part of and celebrated the wedding on Tuesday of very dear and special friends of mine. Shlomi is from Israel, and Lisa recently moved there and they travelled back to South Africa to get married here with their friends and family. I even remember when I first met Shlomi, it was a Friday night and we met with Lisa and this boy on the way to Shul. “I think I have a boyfriend” she whispered to me. “Lisa – how do you think you have a boyfriend??” is how it all began. This was more than 2 years ago, and its been such a pleasure watching their relationship grow into so much love.

Lisa was such a beautiful bride, calm and so chilled. Shlomi looked so dashing in his suit. We started the morning at the guest house all the bridesmaids, parents and sisters all excited, all getting ready, all looking at Lisa look so darn beautiful.



The ceremony was beautiful. I love Jewish wedding ceremonies, the drinking wine, the 7 blessings, breaking the glass. It was also special to be standing right near Greg, as he was one of the pole holders, and having a giggle remembering our own wedding in the same spot almost a year and a half ago. We hung around for family photos, and the photographer was very happy to keep letting me snap away this gorgeous couple and their families. Us bridesmaids also took the liberty to get some beautiful shots of ourselves (that means Greg and I also got quite happy with the camera. Selfies, anyone?) We then went down to the Hout Bay Harbour for photos, we may have stunk like fish and frozen our bums off, but we had so much fun taking more photos with the bride and groom.

IMG_3285 IMG_3287 IMG_3304 IMG_3306 IMG_3316LGIMG_3333 IMG_3336 IMG_3341

Guys, we danced the night away. I’ve only been to weddings that were either religous (ie all Jewish music, men & women dancing separately, crazy, crazy dancing all night) or secular (a quick, tame round of Jewish music, and some pretty chilled out dancing the rest of the night). This wedding had it all somehow! The crazy Jewish separate dancing, somehow there landed up crazy Jewish mixed dancing (oy vey, don’t tell the Rabbi!) and super fun “secular” dancing. I mean, you should have seen how all the girls who were at the bacheloretteran to the dancefloor when the Time Warp came on. They had a beautiful first dance, even though I always told Lisa I would laugh at her choice (this lovey Twilight song about love and a thousand years), and such a beautiful cake made by Bespoke Catering. Blue velvet cupcakes to match the theme? I think so!

IMG_3396 IMG_3397 IMG_3398 IMG_3415 IMG_3423 IMG_3424

I’ve attended a handful of weddings in the last 2 years and each one has been so incredibly different (especially considering all of them, but 2, were at the same venue – Suikerbossie, where we actually got married). Weddings are such a funny thing I’ve found – you put so much input into choosing the perfect venue, the best music/band/DJ, your ideal dress, the perfect flowers and every little detail… but you just can’t predict the vibe.

I think it partly had to do with the photographer we worked with. Goodness, Warren Williams made the day fun for us. Super interactive, made us laugh, and the teaser photo we’ve already seen – what a winner! Greg and I have the most beautiful wedding photos, but we said if our photographer was half as interactive as he was, it would have been perfect. He took direction from a bride who we know is very particular about photos and he was just fantastic. I seriously would recommend him in a heartbeat! Here’s a teaser shot which he captioned: “A sneaky little pic of Shlomi and my absolutely awesome bridesmaids yesterday. Dynamite girls.”


I’ve been to weddings where I’ve gone in keen for the night and had the greatest time dancing, I’ve been to weddings the most excited ever and had an ok time – there are just so many variables. For this wedding, I was so excited. I was more nervous/excited than the day of my own wedding. And guys, I kid you not when I say I had the greatest time. I think one of the biggest elements you can’t control – are the guests. They are the ones that make the vibe. No single element is more important than the other, everything will usually mesh together pretty well, but sometimes it’s just perfect symmetry.

My dearest Lisa & Shlomi, may your life together, this new future you’ve created be filled with as much love as surrounded you on Tuesday. May your love for each other only keep growing forever and ever.


PS: There are plenty other photos, especially the beautiful ones on my phone, but I somehow couldn’t get those off. A lot have been put onto my instagram, so you can hop on over there to see some of the other lovely shots from that night.


4 comments on “What a night, what a wedding!

  1. Wow, you all looked stunning! I looove the bridesmaids dresses, they are beautiful!

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s those incredible multi-wrap dresses! They’re so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear mine again. One of the bridesmaids kept referring to hers as “that magic dress” – true and appropriate.

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