Tomorrow is Wedding Day! (not mine, guys. I wish)

I’m struggling to contain my excitement for my friend Lisa’s wedding tomorrow. This special lady doesn’t even live in South Africa anymore and her and her soon-to-be-husband came all the way back to South Africa to tie the knot. Yesterday we had our final pre-wedding celebration – the kitchen tea.

My own kitchen tea was actually the first one I ever went to. It’s hard to say objectively whether you enjoyed it or not because hey, you’re the bride and everyone is throwing attention and presents at you. But since my own I had been to a handful of kitchen teas ranging from sweet – average.

We actually used a range of ideas that were done at my own (I can’t take the credit, I was just the bride at that one, but Lisa and I do share friends/bridesmaids) and the afternoon went down without a hitch. We tied a string of balloons which each had a questions inside that we had asked Shlomi – and Lisa had to guess his answer. If she got it right she got to open a couple of presents, if she got it wrong – forfeits ensued! These included mild things like putting on an apron to more intense ones like cutting an onion (Lisa hates onion!) and bobbing for pieces of chocolate in a bowl of flower (we were so considerate of her eyelash extensions, we even gave her goggles).

Being a Bridesmaid can really go either way, whether you’re friends or not you never know how you might click or work together. I’m so happy to say it was such a special afternoon, and I just can flipping wait to celebrate the real special day tomorrow.

kitchentea04 kitchentea05kitchentea03kitchentea06kitchentea02kitchentea07kitchentea08kitchentea10kitchentea11kitchentea01kitchentea12


2 comments on “Tomorrow is Wedding Day! (not mine, guys. I wish)

  1. Jodi says:

    omg! seriously love the belt…oh and u;)

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