It’s August: Eeeeeveryone wins a birthday!

It’s the 1st of August. I hate to sound cliche and note how quickly the year as passed, yet here I am, doing just that. Twitter has been ablaze this morning with “birthday month!” tweets. It seems as though all the (cool) kids were born in August (Me too, just btw). That, or their parents had tons of fun in their December/Christmas/January/New Year holidays.

In years past I used to have lists of things I wanted. I figured it would just make life easier for people and friends. I’ve been a bit slack of recent, as thankfully there’s nothing I really felt I need or want (aside for travelling, but that’s not a gift anyone can buy me). Sometimes though I feel the best gifts are the thoughtful ones, it’s the things that speak to your quirks. The things that you just wouldn’t quite buy for yourself because you have so many other things your hard earned money needs to go towards.

So I came across this giveaway on a local blog, where you can win some awesome goodies from local online store I Heart This. I really have such a deep love for the goodies on these local online stores, including the likes of Utique and Hello Pretty. So while entering this competition, I had a good browse through I Heart This’ website, and there are just so many things to love.

speech bubble mirror

A speech bubble mirror? YES! Just imagine the fun SELFIES!

Isn’t this ring dainty?

Such beautiful earrings. Not that I wear earrings, but they’re lovely.

Have I really become so domestic that I love a bread board??


I secretly LOVE the concept of wall decals.

All this browsing makes me want to browse some other local online stores, but I really don’t have time for that. I’ll leave you with one of my favourites, this time off Hello Pretty designed by Bokke & Blomme:

How can you not want this displayed in your home?

Happy birthday August babies!

(Don’t forget my birthday is the 13th. Kthanxbye)

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